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South Korea pulled strings as Cambodia’s military cracked down on protesters

SEOUL and PHNOM PENH — Conspiracy theorists frequently accuse rich countries of “puppeteering” in the developing world, quietly pushing governments to deploy thugs to protect wealthy — and sometimes abusive — corporations. There is truth to this, but it's rare to uncover on-the-ground examples of how this string-pulling works. Cambodia's current conflict over garment wages provides one such example, GlobalPost has learned.

The Cambodians who stitch your clothes risk everything for a liveable wage

BANGKOK — In Cambodia, garment workers who stitch the jeans and hoodies that hang in American closets are demanding a raise. Instead, they’re receiving beatings and bullets.

Cambodia protesters call off rally after bloody crackdown

PHNOM PENH — Anti-government demonstrators said on Saturday they had called off a mass rally they had planned to stage in the Cambodian capital on Sunday after a bloody crackdown on garment workers allied with the protest movement.

At least three protesters killed as Cambodian police open fire

Cambodian police opened fire on protesting garment workers Friday, leaving at least three people dead, as the kingdom's strongman premier faced growing public anger on the streets of the capital. Workers armed with sticks, rocks and Molotov cocktails clashed with rifle-wielding police in the Veng Sreng factory district of Phnom Penh, according to an AFP photographer. Police fired warning shots in the air and then fired at the protesters, the photographer saw.

Anti-government protesters take to the streets in Phnom Penh

The Cambodia National Rescue Party held its 14th day of protest on Dec. 29, 2013, calling for current Prime Minister Hun Sen to step down and for elections to be held.

Cambodia may finally be ready to rise up

PHNOM PENH — Tens of thousands of Cambodian opposition supporters, backed by striking garment-factory workers, rallied on Sunday to demand long-serving Prime Minister Hun Sen step down and call an election.

Artists perform in Cambodia's famous Battambang Circus

Artists prepare and perform in Cambodia's famous Battambang Circus, which is part of a wider project called Phare Ponleu Selpak, or "the brightness of the arts." Phare began in 1986 in a refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border.

Russian businessman hauled from Cambodian jungle, awaiting extradition to Russia

MOSCOW, Russia — It’s not every day an eccentric Russian real estate magnate is hauled out of a Cambodian jungle into police custody. But that’s what happened to the outspoken businessman and alleged fraudster Sergei Polonsky, who was awaiting extradition to Russia on Tuesday from a Cambodian prison on embezzlement charges.

International court awards Preah Vihear temple land to Cambodia

At least 28 people have been killed in outbreaks of violence since 2011 over the ownership of the patch of border land next to the 900-year-old Preah Vihear temple.

Cambodia, Thailand await ruling in border temple row

Leaders of the two countries have appealed for calm ahead of the ruling by 17 international judges.
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