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The Earth Project: Sun Speak

Mobile phone company Mascom has created a solar-powered network in this desert country of two million, and now plans to use it to deliver broadband internet service as well. 

The Earth Project: Smart Power

Hoping to reduce reliance on imported energy, Namibia is encouraging homeowners and businesses to use renewable energy, and to feed any excess into the grid.

The Earth Project: Solar Flare

Scientists at the University of Newcastle have spent more than a decade refining plastic polymer technology to create liquid semiconductors that can be used to make solar cells.

The Earth Project: Greening the Desert

Sekem Holdings has transformed barren land into lush organic farms.

The Earth Project: Monopoly Busting

Officials look for new sources of energy as part of a push to reduce reliance on nuclear power after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The Earth Project: Claiming the Sun

The first to take advantage of solar energy in Chile’s Atacama desert, the company Subsole launches a solar project that will power their irrigation and homes in a neighboring town.

The Earth Project: Tidal Wave

Electricité de France looks to tidal power as an alternative to nuclear energy.

The Earth Project: Palm Power

On the north coast of Colombia, Grupo Daabon has 20,000 acres of organic African palm plantations, feeding a biodiesel boom. The South American country has mandated that commercial diesel must contain 20 percent biodiesel by 2020.

The Earth Project: Solar Valley

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, businessman Huang Ming changed professions and launched a green empire.

The Earth Project: Morning Star

Unilever believes it's new dry foods factopry, Indonsa, Zulu for morning star, is a model for sustainable industry.

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