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'It's easy to be a part of revolution.' The hard part is what happens next (VIDEO)

'It's easy to be a part of revolution.' But what happens next? (VIDEO)

KYIV, Ukraine — They've forced the president to flee, but protesters here say the next steps may be the hardest.

Raw Feed: Turks are divided on intervention in Syria

ISTANBUL, Turkey — As President Obama rallies support for strikes in Syria, the Turkish government pledged to back US-led intervention. But the Turkish people are divided.

Raw Feed: Syrian refugees in Lebanon react to suspected chemical weapons attack

BEIRUT, Lebanon — As military and diplomatic tensions rise across the region, GlobalPost senior correspondent Tracey Shelton speaks with Syrians in Lebanon about the suspected chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds, and now threatens to spark a wider war. "We cannot go back because we we be going back to our deaths," one Syrian refugee laments.

Zoo story: Costa Rica edition (VIDEO)

Raw Feed: "The People's Pope" Wins over a Rio Favela

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Residents of the Varginha slum gathered early to greet Pope Francis. 

Raw Feed: What Senegal wants from America

Dakar, Senegal — Tea is a daily tradition in Senegal. And as the country prepared to welcome Barack Obama, the U.S. president was the subject many were talking about over their teacups.

Raw Feed: Police tear gas Rio de Janeiro protesters

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Demonstrations started after a rise in the price of bus fare, and grew after police responded with tear gas. Protesters in cities across Brazil say they're frustrated with the rising cost of living and massive government spending in preparation for hosting the World Cup.

Raw Feed: Sex, booze and human rights

Istanbul, Turkey — Protesters in Gezi Park talk about why they’re there and what they want from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

What to read: think globally (VIDEO)

NEW YORK — At a recent world literature festival, GlobalPost asked writers from the UK and South Africa which books they would recommend to readers curious to learn more about their home countries.
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