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GroundTruth: Jacob Kushner on reporting in the Congo

GroundTruth: Reese Erlich on reporting on the Sunni-Shia divide

GroundTruth: Jason Berry on reporting on the Catholic Church

GlobalPost's Jason Berry talks about what it's like to report on the Catholic Church in a time of turmoil.

The Great Divide: What's a Gini coefficient?

Income inequality is surging, and there are few countries where it is rising faster than the United States. The distance between rich and poor is greater in America than nearly all other developed countries, making the US a leader in a trend that economists warn has dire consequences.

GlobalPost sets out on a reporting journey to get at the ‘ground truth’ of inequality through the lenses of education, race, immigration, health care, government, labor and natural resources. The hope is to hold a mirror up to the US to see how it compares to countries around the world.

The Great Divide: The distance between rich and poor

In this video, photographer Ed Kashi traveled on both sides of the tracks in Connecticut and in Bangkok. He worked with GlobalPost reporters Michael Moran, who came of age in Fairfield, and Patrick Winn, who has covered Bangkok for many years, to document the distance between the rich and the poor in both places. 

GroundTruth: Patrick Winn on inequality in Thailand

Patrick Winn travels from one of Bangkok's most notorious slums to its glitzy mall district as part of GlobalPost's exploration of income inequality around the world.

GroundTruth: Michael Moran on income inequality

Michael Moran provides his very personal take on the widening gap between the rich and the poor here, where he went to high school.

Two hospitals in Haiti tell very different stories (VIDEO)

MIREBALAIS, Haiti —The largest post-earthquake health project has finished construction. Led by US NGO Partners in Health, the new hospital in Mirebalais aims to be a world-class hospital and improve healthcare in Haiti. But in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian government and its international partners are struggling to start the reconstruction of the general hospital, three years after the January 2010 earthquake.

Fault Line: Hospitals in Haiti tell different stories

While a new hospital has been built in Mirebalais, the Haitian government and its international partners are still struggling to begin reconstruction of the main hospital in Port-au-Prince almost three years after the earthquake.

GroundTruth: Kevin Grant on reporting on the border

Via a Skype Interview, Kevin Grant, GlobalPost's deputy editor for special reports, talks about what it's like to report on the Mexico-Arizona border. 

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