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GroundTruth: Tracy Jarrett on reporting on HIV/AIDS

Tracy Jarrett reflects on "A Daughter's Journey," a series of blogposts she wrote for GlobalPost last summer. In this series, she chronicled her extraordinary journey — from Chicago to Cape Town, South Africa — to learn about the disease that took her mother's life and forever changed her own.

GroundTruth: Caitlin McNally on reporting from the Great North

As the Arctic continues to melt at an unprecedented rate, GlobalPost will be there to cover the story. In August, documentary filmmaker Caitlin McNally traveled with GlobalPost's Charlie Sennott for our Special Report, "The Arctic Melt."

Fault Line: Tent camp evictions on the rise in Haiti

After the 2010 earthquake, 1.5 million Haitians were forced to live in makeshift tents. Almost three years later, these displaced Haitians are facing a new threat – eviction by alleged landowners and government officials. 

The Great Divide: What income inequality means to Connecticut voters

On election day, 2012, GlobalPost went to Bridgeport and Greenwich to ask voters how income inequality affects their daily lives and what they want their newly elected leaders to do about it.

GroundTruth: Jeff Howe on the changing reporting climate in Burma

In this video interview, Jeff Howe takes us behind the scenes of his stories for GlobalPost's Special Report, "Burma Road," and shares some insights from his reporting trip with photographer Gary Knight earlier this fall.

GroundTruth: Arieh O'Sullivan on reporting in the Middle East

In a Skype interview, O'Sullivan takes us behind the scenes of his recent article, Israel grapples with blowback from booming drone industry, for GlobalPost's Special Report, The Drone Age.

GroundTruth: David Axe on drones

When your iPhone's "Siri" directs you to the wrong place, or misunderstands you, or gives you incorrect information, who do you blame? Siri, of course. David Axe explains that the same logic is being applied to drones. Drones will have voices, Axe said, so it will be easier to "blame the machine."

The Drone Age: Pakistan's anti-drone protest

Anti-drone protesters tried to conquer barbed wire, ditches, police squads, soldiers and shipping containers blocking the road to reach South Waziristan, the planned destination of a march Imran Khan kicked off in Islamabad on October 6.

The Arctic Melt: A view from the top of the world

Wainwright, Alaska, population 550, hasn't changed much over the years, but it's about to.

AIDS, A Turning Point: Growing up with HIV

Christina Rodriguez, 20, was born HIV-positive. At the International AIDS Conference, Rodriguez told GlobalPost about her experience growing up with HIV, her struggles with disclosure, and her suggestions for how to give young people more support.

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