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Argentina blasts Britain over plans for Falkands military exercise

Argentina on Friday blasted plans by Britain to hold military exercises in the Falkland Islands, the rocky archipelago claimed by both countries. Foreign Minister Hector Timerman said in a statement that the maneuvers, set for April 14 to 27, are a new "act of agression" against Argentina, which in 1982 lost a brief but bloody war with Britain for control of the islands, known as the Malvinas in Spanish. Tensions have resurfaced between the two countries in recent years after Britain opened the area to oil exploration.

Argentina's president accuses US, UK of hypocrisy over Crimea

PARIS - Argentina's president said Wednesday that the U.S. and Britain displayed double standards with their positions on Crimea and the Falkland Islands, undermining efforts to preserve Ukraine's territorial integrity. During a speech in Paris, Cristina Fernandez compared the referendum in the Black Sea peninsula next to Russia to last year's referendum by Falkland Islanders to remain a British territory. The southern Atlantic islands are known in Spanish as the "Islas Malvinas" and Argentina insists that Britain usurped them 180 years ago.

British rule of Falklands as bad as Russia in Crimea

Britain's rule over the Falkland Islands is no more acceptable than Russia's incorporation of Crimea, Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner said Wednesday. "You can't defend the territorial integrity of Crimea and not do it for the Malvinas (the Spanish name for the Falklands)," Kirchner said after meeting French President Francois Hollande in Paris. "Territorial integrity has to apply to everyone."

UK minister's visit to contested Falklands angers Argentina

By Andrew Osborn LONDON (Reuters) - The British government minister responsible for the Falkland Islands began his first visit to the contested territory on Monday and an angry Argentina accused him of high-handed colonialism. Argentine forces invaded the Falklands in 1982, prompting Margaret Thatcher, then British prime minister, to dispatch a naval task force to retake them in a short but bloody war.

Cameron vows to defend Falklands after 'momentous' year

Prime Minister David Cameron vowed Friday to defend the Falkland Islands after a "momentous" year in which residents voted to remain a British overseas territory. In a Christmas message, Cameron said the world should respect the overwhelming result of a referendum in March which came in the face of increasing calls from Argentina to negotiate the island's sovereignty. "2013 will be remembered as a momentous year in the history of the Falkland Islands," Cameron said.

Britain, Argentina in fresh row over drilling in Falklands: media

(Reuters) - Argentina triggered a fresh diplomatic row with Britain on Thursday over the disputed Falkland Islands after the country's Congress passed a law that establishes criminal sanctions for the "illegal exploration" of hydrocarbons in the Argentine continental shelf, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Spain denies accord to get Britain to leave Falklands

Spain on Friday denied Argentina's claims that the two countries had clinched an agreement to get Britain to negotiate the future of the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar. Both territories -- the Falklands in the South Atlantic, which Argentina calls the Malvinas, and Gibraltar at Spain's southern tip -- are controlled by Britain. But Argentina and Spain claim sovereignty over them, respectively. Buenos Aires announced on Thursday that the two countries had agreed to work together on their respective disputes with Britain.

Spain: Gibraltar, Falklands situations not identical

United Nations, Sep 27 (EFE).- Similarities between the cases of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands do not imply that Spain and Argentina will pursue identical strategies, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said here Friday. "Spain will not necessarily accompany all the decisions Argentina adopts in that matter, or vice-versa," he said a day after Buenos Aires said that Margallo and Argentine counterpart Hector Timerman had agreed their countries should coordinate efforts to press Britain to negotiate over Gibraltar and the Falklands.

Four British firms barred from working in Argentina

Four British oil companies carrying out exploration work near the Falkland Islands have been banned from operating in Argentina, the Buenos Aires government confirmed Friday. Argentine President Cristina Kirchner's office said the four companies -- Borders and Southern Petroleum PLC, Desire Petroleum PLC, Argos Resources Ltd and Falkland Oil -- had carried out "illegal and clandestine" operations near the Falklands. A statement said the four companies were banned from working in Argentina for 20 years for operating near the Falkland Islands without obtaining permission.

Argentina bars 4 British oil firms over Falklands operations

Buenos Aires, Aug 23 (EFE).- Four British oil companies carrying out exploration work in waters near the Falkland Islands have been barred from operating in Argentina. The measure affects Borders & Southern Petroleum, Desire Petroleum, Argos Resources and Falkland Oil and Gas. All four are prohibited from working in the South American nation for 20 years due to their unauthorized exploration activity "in areas near the Malvinas Islands (as the Falklands are known to Latin Americans)," the Argentine government said in a statement posted Friday on its Web site.
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