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Visiting Kosovo foreign minister says Ignatieff writings influenced him

OTTAWA - The Conservative party may have successfully branded Michael Ignatieff a "just visiting" dilettante before trouncing the former Liberal leader in the last election. But Kosovo's foreign minister says Ignatieff's writings taught him a crucial lesson: how different ethnic groups can live peacefully together. "Canada is a good example of building multi-ethnic institutions in society," Enver Hoxhaj said in an interview while visiting Ottawa. "As a former academic, I was influenced by Michael Ignatieff."

Kosovo grants amnesty to rebel Serbs

Kosovo took Thursday a key step towards normalisation of its ties with Belgrade, granting amnesty to Serbs in the breakaway territory who have opposed through violence its 2008 independence from Serbia. The amnesty bill, aimed at facilitating implementation of an EU-brokered agreement on improving relations with Serbia, was passed by huge majority of 90 Kosovo lawmakers in the 120-seat parliament, speaker Jakup Krasniqi said.

Six wounded in shoot-out on Kosovo-Serbia border

Six Kosovo Albanians were wounded, one of them seriously, in a shoot-out with Serbian police on the Kosovo-Serbia border, authorities said on Monday. "It is suspected that the exchange of fire was between several people (from the Kosovo side) who went to cut firewood and some people from the Serb side," Kosovo police said in a statement.

Kosovo Serbs create rogue assembly

Kosovo's Serb minority Thursday unilaterally founded a regional assembly to protest against steps by Belgrade recognising the breakaway Pristina government. The move challenges an April 19 deal brokered by the European Union which forces Serbia to normalise ties with Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008. In return, Belgrade would get to start EU accession talks and the 40,000 ethnic Serbs who live in northern Kosovo be granted some level of autonomy.

Kosovo calls local polls as part of deal with Serbia

Kosovo has called local elections for November 3, with the vote expected to be the first covering the whole of the breakaway territory including the ethnic Serb-populated north, officials said Tuesday. The last poll, held in 2010, was boycotted by the majority ethnic Serb population in northern Kosovo, who reject Pristina's unilateral declaration of independence in 2008.

EU gives Serbia green light to start membership talks

By Adrian Croft and Justyna Pawlak BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Serbia won the green light on Friday to start negotiations by January on joining the European Union, capping a remarkable transformation in the prospects of the former Yugoslavia since the wars of the 1990s. The decision, taken at an EU summit, rewards Belgrade for an April deal to improve relations with its former province of Kosovo, which broke away from Serbia in a 1998-99 guerrilla war.

Kosovo nationalists clash with police against Serbia deal

Clashes broke out on Thursday in front of the parliament building in Pristina between police and some 300 Kosovo nationalists protesting against an EU-brokered deal to normalise ties with Serbia. Seventeen police officers sustained slight injuries while 68 demonstrators were detained. Authorities deployed pepper spray to break up the protesters, who sought in vain to block parliamentary ratification of the accord.

Protesters fight police as Kosovo approves Serbia deal

By Fatos Bytyci PRISTINA (Reuters) - Kosovo's parliament approved an EU-brokered agreement on creating normal ties with neighboring Serbia on Thursday as protesters opposing the deal clashed with riot police in Pristina. The 120-seat assembly passed the deal, reached under European Union auspices in April, with 84 votes in favor.

Kosovo nationalists protest Serbia deal ratification

Protesters from a radical nationalist movement attempted to block the entrance to Kosovo's parliament on Thursday to prevent deputies ratifying an agreement that would normalise ties with Serbia. The Self-Determination movement, a nationalist party that seeks to unify Kosovo with neighbouring Albania, is attempting to block the historic agreement struck on April 19 between Kosovo and Serbia. Some 300 protestors carried banners that read "The deal will not pass" and "A state cannot be built with thieves," and argued with security forces deployed around the parliament.

Kosovo says now recognized by 100 countries

By Fatos Bytyci PRISTINA (Reuters) - Egypt has become the 100th country to recognize Serbia's former province of Kosovo as independent, the Pristina government said on Wednesday, a milestone for the Balkan country's pursuit of full international acceptance. "The oldest state in the world, Egypt, has officially recognized now the youngest state in Europe - Kosovo," Kosovo Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj said on Twitter.
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