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Brigitte Bardot takes to Twittersphere

Brigitte Bardot took to the Twittersphere on Monday, using her first tweet to complain about her name being used to help sell an apartment belonging to her ex-husband. Using the handle @B_BARDOT_PERSO, the account photograph shows a recent photo of the 78-year-old former film star superimposed on a scene of sunset over the bay of Canoubiers near San Tropez where she lives.

Brigitte Bardot calls Romanian president 'tyrant' over stray dog law

French animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot on Wednesday called Romanian President Traian Basescu a "tyrant" for backing a law allowing stray dogs to be put down. "This tyrant thinks only of killing, and I condemn his dictatorial policy, which is unworthy of a member of the European Union," she said. "You would think we had returned to the (Nicolae) Ceausescu years!" the 78-year-old former actress told AFP, referring to the dictator deposed in 1989.

France to keep death row elephants ... and Bardot

France's Council of State on Wednesday granted a reprieve for two zoo elephants who had been ordered put down because of their suspected infection with tuberculosis, to the delight of Brigitte Bardot and other animal rights campaigners. Bardot, who had threatened to quit France for Russia if Baby, 42, and Nepal, 43, were put to sleep, called for the pair of pachyderms to be put into the care of her animal welfare foundation.

Reuters People News Summary

Following is a summary of current people news briefs. Venezuela searches for fashion boss Missoni's plane
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