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Indian voters lured by cash handouts, drugs, bootleg liquor

By Sanjeev Miglani NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian election officials have seized a record $36 million dollars of cash concealed in cars, private planes and even ambulances that they say was destined to buy off voters and pay for expenses over and above the spending limit.

Ohio mumps outbreak rises to 212 cases, largely hits state university

(Reuters) - The number of cases of mumps in central Ohio in a rare outbreak has jumped to 212, from 116 early this month, mostly affecting students and others connected to The Ohio State University, public health officials said on Monday. At least 132 cases of the contagious disease, which causes painful swelling of the salivary glands, have been linked to the university outbreak to date, Columbus Public Health said on Monday. The number of people hospitalized was not immediately known.

Chinese herb beats drug at rheumatoid arthritis

A Chinese herb called thunder god vine works better than a widely-prescribed pharmaceutical drug at easing rheumatoid arthritis, a study published on Monday said. The herb has long been used in China to treat this potentially crippling autoimmune disease, which typically strikes hand and foot joints. It is known in Mandarin as lei gong teng and to botanists as Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F.

Powerful psychotropic drug used in Canada's federal prisons

TORONTO - Canada's prison watchdog has launched an investigation into the prescribing practices of Correctional Service Canada after it was revealed that more than 60 per cent of female inmates across the country are receiving psychiatric medications. Former inmates and prisoner advocates allege that among the drugs being prescribed by prison physicians is Seroquel — a powerful antidepressant they claim is being used as a sleeping pill. Seroquel has been available in Canada since 1998 and is approved by Health Canada for use in adults with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Quotes about rate of psychiatric meds prescribed to federal women prisoners

Canada's prison watchdog has launched an investigation into the prescription of psychiatric drugs in federal prisons after learning that more than 60 per cent of female inmates are receiving drugs for mental health illnesses. Here are some quotes:

Cuba has roughly 16,500 AIDS patients, gov't says

Havana, Apr 14 (EFE).- The number of people in Cuba with HIV/AIDS currently stands at 16,479, according to figures published Monday in the official weekly Trabajadores. Last year, some 2.5 million tests to detect the HIV virus were performed on the island, Public Health Ministry official Maria Isela Lantero told the publication. A total of 2,156 new cases were detected, of whom 81.5 percent were men, and of those about 15 percent had a previous history of sexually transmitted disease.

Low blood sugar bad for marital bliss

Low blood sugar isn't good for marital bliss because it makes spouses more prone to anger and aggression, says a new study out Monday. The findings are based on experiments with 107 married couples asked to monitor their glucose levels before breakfast and bed every day for 21 days. In addition, researchers gave them voodoo dolls representing their significant other along with 51 pins. They were then told that, at the end each day over the three-week period, they should secretly stick pins into the dolls indicating how angry they were with their better half.

Alberta hopes forcing bars, restaurants, stores to put up signs will reduce FASD

EDMONTON - Alberta hopes forcing bars, restaurants and liquor stores to put up signs will help prevent fetal alcohol syndrome disorders. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission says businesses must help raise awareness that pregnant women should not drink alcohol. Bill Robinson, president of the commission, says FASD is 100 per cent preventable. Fetal alcohol syndrome can cause serious birth defects, including brain damage. The Public Health Agency of Canada says the disorder is the leading known cause of preventable developmental disability.

Measles cases keep some Calgary students who have not been vaccinated at home

CALGARY - New measles cases have prompted Alberta Health Services to tell some students and staff at two Calgary schools to stay home for the next two weeks because they have not been vaccinated. Those affected attend or work at Henry Wise Wood High School and Sherwood School, which includes Grade 5 to 9 students. The Calgary Board of Education says there is one confirmed case of measles at each school. School officials say there is concern the measles, which is highly contagious, could spread.

Sobeys prescribing legal battle over planned Alberta pharmacy rewards point ban

EDMONTON - A plan by the regulator of Alberta pharmacists to ban stores from giving consumers reward points for purchases is turning into a prescription for a court battle. Sobeys Inc. says it plans to file a legal challenge against the Alberta College of Pharmacists on behalf of Sobeys and Safeway. Earlier this month the college announced it would ban the issuing of such reward points for pharmacy purchases starting May 1. The council says it made the decision because pharmacists and technicians are health professionals, not simply vendors of drugs.
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