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Russia faces new sanctions over contact group snub, Merkel says

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday Europe will impose tougher sanctions on Russia next week if there is no sign in the next few days that Moscow is willing to engage in a "contact group" to seek a diplomatic solution for Ukraine.

German reliance on Russian gas threatens Europe

Germany's reliance on Russian natural gas poses a threat to European sovereignty, Polish Prime Minister Doland Tusk warned Monday amid rising East-West tensions over Ukraine. "Germany's reliance on Russian gas can effectively limit European sovereignty. I have no doubt," Tusk told reporters, days ahead of a Warsaw visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The top European economy buys around one third of its oil and gas from Russia and has extensive trade and investment links with the vast country to the east.

Britain, Germany to collaborate on 5G next mobile network

Britain and Germany will team up to work on developing the next super-fast mobile network, 5G, Prime Minister David Cameron told the opening of the world's biggest high-tech fair Sunday. Cameron said the initiative was one of three areas he wanted Britain and Germany to collaborate on to "pool ideas, share data, innovate and to lead on the next big ideas" in what he dubbed "a world on fast forward".

U.S. lawmakers ready to act over Ukraine, but want Europe to step up

By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers expressed support on Monday for aid for Ukraine's new government, as well as sanctions to punish Russia for its military incursion into the neighboring country, but want European nations to step up their involvement in the crisis. Senators are looking at options such as imposing sanctions on Russia's banks and freezing assets of Russian public institutions and private investors, Senator Chris Murphy, chairman of the Senate's Europe subcommittee, told Reuters.

Obama in talk with Germany's Merkel cites 'illegitimacy' of Russia move in Crimea

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama discussed the Ukraine crisis with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a phone call on Sunday and underscored the "complete illegitimacy" of Russian's incursion in Ukraine's Crimea, a senior U.S. official said. "(The primary point) in all of his calls has been to underscore the complete illegitimacy of Russia's intervention" in the Crimea region of Ukraine, the official told reporters in a conference call.

British press says Merkel gave Cameron little to cheer

Britain's newspapers said Friday that Prime Minister David Cameron had little to cheer from German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit as he seeks consensus on reforming EU migration rules. Merkel urged Britain on Thursday to stay in the European Union but played down Cameron's hopes that her trip to London would help bring major reforms on restricting freedom of movement within the bloc.

Merkel urges Britain to stay in EU but cool on reform

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Britain Thursday to stay in the EU but played down David Cameron's hopes that her visit to London would bring major reforms. The British premier rolled out the red carpet in his bid to woo fellow conservative Merkel, who gave a speech to both houses of parliament before taking tea with the queen. But Europe's most powerful politician was cool on Cameron's desire to change the EU's treaties ahead of a planned referendum on British membership of the bloc in 2017.

Merkel calls for 'strong UK with strong voice inside EU'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday urged Britain to stay in the European Union, saying the bloc would be a stronger force in the world with London's voice. But Merkel, in a speech to the British parliament, played down Prime Minister David Cameron's hopes of reforms to the EU before a referendum on Britain's membership in 2017. Addressing lawmakers in English and German, Merkel said a united EU could be a "model for other regions of the world. This and nothing less than this should be our common goal".

Merkel says she cannot satisfy all Britain's EU wishes

LONDON (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel cautioned Britain on Thursday that she could not promise a fundamental reform of Europe that would satisfy all Britain's wishes. Speaking in English to lawmakers from both houses of the British parliament in the Palace of Westminster's Royal Gallery, Merkel said she understood there were high expectations of her speech.

Germany to beef up spy defences against allies

Germany plans to beef up its counterintelligence tactics against allied countries in response to revelations of widespread US spying, Der Spiegel magazine reported Sunday. The weekly said the German government was considering deploying its own agents to keep tabs on Western secret services and embassies on German soil including those of the United States and also Britain.
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