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UN Security Council presented with Syria aid resolution

Western countries presented the UN Security Council late Wednesday with a draft resolution on humanitarian aid for Syria but Russia so far does not back it, raising the risk of a veto. The vote on the draft, which involved intense negotiations with Russia, Syria's main ally, is expected Friday. Its presentation to the council was confirmed in a tweet by the Australian ambassador Gary Quinlan. The text was sponsored by Australia, Luxembourg and Jordan and its supporters include Britain, the United States and France.

Syrian rebels rebuff leader's sacking by high command abroad

By Dasha Afanasieva and Alexander Dziadosz ISTANBUL/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Regional unit commanders of the main Western-backed Syrian rebel faction rejected the dismissal this week of their chief by the group's foreign-based command council and pledged to keep fighting under his command. Their repudiation of the decision was a further sign of deepening disarray within Syria's fragmented opposition movement that has weakened the nearly three-year uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

Sacked Syria rebel chief rejects dismissal

Syria's sacked rebel chief General Selim Idriss on Wednesday rejected his dismissal by opposition leaders and said the Free Syrian Army's whole chain of command needed a "total restructuring." Speaking in a video statement flanked by several top field commanders of the FSA's Supreme Military Council, the sacked rebel chief said: "We... have been asked to start working on a total restructuring of the SMC." Idriss lashed out at the opposition's defence minister, Assaad Mustafa, who reportedly backed his replacement on Sunday by Brigadier General Abdel Ilah al-Bashir.

Russia says U.N. Syria aid resolution possible in days: agency

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday a U.N. resolution on humanitarian aid access in Syria could be agreed in days if Security Council members do not try to "politicize" the issue, Interfax news agency reported. Moscow criticized a Western-Arab draft resolution and proposed its own text as well as another one that would condemn acts of "terrorism" in civil war-torn Syria, saying it was ready for negotiations in the council.

Syria rebel chief's sacking sparks dissent

The sacking of Syria's rebel chief Selim Idriss has prompted criticism by several armed opposition groups, in a fresh sign of growing disarray among rebel ranks. The Free Syrian Army's Higher Military Council replaced General Idriss as its chief with Brigadier General Abdel Ilah al-Bashir on Sunday, citing the "difficulties faced by the Syrian revolution" in its battle with the regime. But several rebel leaders have lashed out at the move, with some branding it an undemocratic "coup".

Free Syrian Army sacks chief for battlefield failures

The Free Syrian Army has sacked its leader after the Western-backed rebels suffered repeated setbacks, amid signs of an escalation in fighting that has already killed more than 140,000 people. Activists warned Monday that regime troops are preparing a ground offensive against Yabrud, the last rebel-held stronghold in the strategic Qalamun region near the border with Lebanon, after days of aerial bombardment.

Syria peace talks failure spurs U.S.-Russia recriminations

By Arshad Mohammed and Steve Gutterman JAKARTA/MOSCOW (Reuters) - The United States accused Damascus on Monday of paralyzing Geneva peace negotiations, while Russia denied that and said nations backing Syrian rebels were leaning toward trying to end the civil war on the battlefield rather than in talks. A second round of talks in Geneva broke up on Saturday with chief mediator Lakhdar Brahimi lamenting a failure to advance much beyond agreement on an agenda for a third round later.

Free Syrian Army sacks chief over battleground failings

The Free Syrian Army has sacked its military chief after the Western-backed rebels suffered battlefield setbacks, amid signs the warring parties are escalating the fighting that has already killed more than 140,000 people. Activists warned Monday that regime troops are preparing a ground offensive against the town of Yabrud, the last rebel stronghold in the strategic Qalamoun region near Lebanon's border, after days of aerial bombardments.

Free Syrian Army sacks chief, appoints replacement

AMMAN (Reuters) - The Western- and Arab-backed Syrian Free Army (FSA) has sacked its leader and replaced him with a more experienced field commander as part of a revamp of moderate forces fighting President Bashar al-Assad, opposition sources said on Monday. A statement by the FSA's Supreme Military Council said it replaced General Selim Idriss, who had served in the Corps of Engineers of Assad's army, with Colonel Abdelilah al-Bashir, head of FSA operations in the province of Qunaitera on the border with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Free Syrian Army fires military chief over leadership 'paralysis'

The rebel Free Syrian Army said Sunday it had fired Selim Idriss as its military chief, citing the "difficulties faced by the Syrian revolution" in its battle with the regime. In a video broadcast on the Internet, the rebel coalition said its military council had decided to replace Idriss with Brigadier General Abdel al-Ilah al-Bachir. Colonel Qassem Saadeddine said the decision was taken due to "the paralysis within the military command these past months" and the need to "restructure".
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