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Court rules Florida state college students can keep guns in cars

By Bill Cotterell TALLAHASSEE, Florida (Reuters) - Students attending public universities in Florida can keep weapons in their cars while on campus, a state appeals court has ruled. The ruling by the 1st District Court of Appeals came in a case brought by a University of North Florida (UNF) student who challenged the school's policy barring firearms because she wanted to store a gun in her car for self-defense.

Congress renews undetectable firearms ban, belying bleak prospects for gun control efforts

WASHINGTON - Congress' easy renewal of an expiring ban on undetectable plastic guns belies the larger reality that major new firearms restrictions have little chance of enactment soon. Lawmakers took an easy step Monday when the Democratic-run Senate unanimously gave final congressional approval to a bill adding another decade to the prohibition against guns that can slip by airport metal detectors and X-ray machines.

Gun violence rampant in movies for teens

Gun violence is on the rise in US movies and has more than tripled since 1985 in those rated as acceptable for teenagers 13 and older, according to a study out Monday. The amount of such violence seen in modern movies rated PG-13 even exceeded that in films rated R for adults in 2012, said the findings by American and Dutch university researchers in the US journal Pediatrics.

Trayvon Martin's mother asks Senate to curb 'Stand Your Ground' laws

(Reuters) - The mother of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin urged a Senate panel to help rescind "Stand Your Ground" laws that have proliferated in state legislatures, granting gun owners wider latitude to use their weapons in self-defense. Stand Your Ground laws remove requirements to retreat from danger and grant people the right to meet force with force when they reasonably fear bodily harm.

Brown vetoes bill banning future sales of semi-auto rifles; would have been nation's toughest

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Friday that would have imposed the nation's toughest gun ownership restrictions on Californians, saying it was too far-reaching. The legislation would have banned future sales of most semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines, part of a firearms package approved by state lawmakers in response to mass shootings in other states.

Supporters say new Md. gun law will save lives; foes snap up guns before controls begin

PASADENA, Md. - Maryland residents have been buying guns in record numbers before a law takes effect Tuesday, with provisions aimed at helping keep guns away from criminals and the mentally ill, strengthening safety training and banning 45 types of assault weapons.

Brazil territory bans sales of toy guns

A Brazilian territory is believed to have become the first region in Latin America to ban the sale of toy guns as the country attempts to staunch an epidemic of firearm-related crime. The Federal District, which encompasses the country's capital Brasilia and various satellite towns, launched the initiative as Brazil moved to tackle its murder rate. "To change the culture of violence we must begin from childhood. Our sons will start understanding what is often repeated, that guns are not toys," said Alirio Neto, the federal secretary's justice secretary.

Four charged in shooting of 13 people at Chicago park

Four young men were charged in the shooting of 13 people at a park in President Barack Obama's adopted hometown Chicago which has been struggling to stem violent crime, police said Tuesday. The gang-related shooting has renewed calls for stricter gun controls after an assault rifle was used to spray bullets at a crowd gathered for a pickup basketball game. A toddler who was shot in the ear was among those wounded Thursday night in the city's troubled South Side.

Chicago abolishes gun registry in place since 1968

By Renita Young CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago on Wednesday reluctantly abolished a 45-year-old requirement that gun owners register their weapons with the city, marking a victory for advocates of gun rights such as the National Rifle Association. The city council voted to end the gun registry in place since 1968 to comply with court rulings against Chicago and Illinois gun control laws, and to bring the city into line with a state concealed carry law.

Colorado voters oust Democratic state senators over gun control

By Keith Coffman DENVER (Reuters) - Colorado voters ousted two Democratic lawmakers, including the state senate president, in a historic recall vote on Tuesday over their support for tougher gun control laws, handing a major victory to gun rights supporters. The recall races, the first in Colorado history, are at the epicenter of the national fight over gun control in the aftermath of a series of mass shootings last year, and were seen as a test of the sway of lobbyists on both sides of the debate.
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