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Powerful gusts lash East Coast as spring blizzard moves in

HALIFAX - Across a large swath of Atlantic Canada, people who ventured outside Wednesday felt the cold sting of a massive spring blizzard that brought much of the region to a standstill. Most schools and government offices were closed in the Maritimes, flights were cancelled and traffic along some of the busiest streets and highways was virtually non-existent amid knee-high drifts. As the winds picked up throughout the day, more and more power outages were reported.

Late blast of wintry weather hits parts of New England

By Dave Sherwood BOWDOINHAM, Maine (Reuters) - Parts of New England were hit with a late blast of wintry weather on Wednesday, the so-called "bombogenesis" storm that brought high winds to much of the region and snow to parts of Maine and Massachusetts' Cape Cod resort area.

Blizzard warning issued for Canada's Atlantic coast

Canada's Atlantic seaboard braced Wednesday for a spring blizzard, closing schools, government offices and businesses, and cancelling flights in anticipation of a record snowfall, powerful winds and flooding. Authorities said winds could reach up to 180 kilometers per hour (112 miles per hour) and as much as 40 centimeters (15 inches) of snow was expected to fall in parts of the region. Visibility was nil in the morning across much of the Maritimes due to blowing snow.

Environment Canada warns of potentially damaging spring storm in Atlantic Canada

HALIFAX - Scores of weather warnings have been issued for Atlantic Canada as a powerful spring blizzard is poised to bear down on the region today. Heavy snow is in the forecast for all four provinces, but Nova Scotia and P.E.I. are expected to see the biggest accumulation with up to 40 to 50 centimetres of snow forecast for the two provinces. While New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador are expected to get less snow, the entire region has been warned about potentially damaging winds in excess of 100 kilometres per hour that could cause widespread whiteout conditions.

East Coast braces for 'very unusual' spring storm bringing snow, 100 km/h gusts

HALIFAX - Atlantic Canada is bracing for a spring blizzard that could dump more than a foot of snow, bring wind gusts of more than 100 kilometres per hour and storm surges that could damage docks and coastal properties. Environment Canada forecaster Tracey Talbot said the storm will begin early Wednesday morning in southern Nova Scotia and bring whiteout conditions across the region through the day.

Two killed in avalanche at Sochi Olympic ski resort

Russian authorities on Monday reimposed an avalanche warning for the mountain resort used to host the Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games events, after an avalanche killed two women in the area at the weekend. The avalanche hit the Rosa Khutor complex used for the Olympic and Paralympic Alpine events, killing a teenage girl and a woman, at around noon on Sunday, regional investigators said Monday.

Malaysia plane search intensifies on new debris data

Aircraft from several nations swarmed over the southern Indian Ocean Monday as the search for a missing Malaysian passenger plane was energised with mounting evidence of floating objects suspected to be linked to the plane. But the challenge of recovering the still-unidentified flotsam took on added urgency as a tropical cyclone rumbled toward the search zone, threatening to worsen already rough conditions that have thwarted spotters.

Malaysia jet search intensifies on new debris sighting

Ships and planes from several nations swarmed over the southern Indian Ocean on Monday as mounting evidence of floating debris energised the search for Malaysia's missing passenger jet. But the challenge of recovering the elusive and still-unidentified flotsam took on added urgency as a tropical cyclone loomed to the north, threatening to worsen already rough conditions that have thwarted spotters.

Spring snowstorm not unusual for Maritime provinces: Environment Canada

HALIFAX - Although the calendar says it's spring, Atlantic Canada is not getting a reprieve from the winter weather. In fact, a major snowstorm expected to hit Wednesday could be one of the strongest of the season, Environment Canada said on Sunday. Meteorologist Jean-Marc Couturier said it's not unusual for the region to get a blast of winter in springtime. He said it's still "prime time" for storms to develop over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, and this one could be significant.

El Niño seen bringing much-needed rain to Chile

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - After five years of drought in central Chile, there is a good chance that the El Niño weather pattern could bring much-needed rains during the Southern Hemisphere's winter, the national meteorological service said on Thursday. In recent years, power producers in the world's top copper producer have been forced to rely on more-expensive fossil fuels as the lack of rain has dented hydroelectric generation.
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