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Rwanda's schoolyard tech

Photo caption: Rwandan schoolchildren use the XO computer in their classroom. The computer is provided by the One Laptop Per Chlld program. (Jon Rosen/GlobalPost) KIGALI, Rwanda — As they cram in front of their green and white laptop, Gabiro Vainqueur, 10, and Agape Pacifique, 12, are at odds over their afternoon assignment.

Education: Teaching infrastructure and other new necessities

NEW DELHI, India — Last summer John Atchley was working for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and writing his application for a Fulbright scholarship to study India's water crisis when a serendipitous discovery of "The Power Broker" caused him to rethink his plans. Reading Robert A. Caro's book about the legendary urban planner Robert Moses and the building of New York, including its highway system, Atchley saw parallels to modern-day India.

Teaching Twitter in Havana

Photo caption: Yoani Sanchez sits with her computer in her apartment in Havana, Oct. 3, 2007. Sanchez runs a Blogger Academy out of her living room. (Claudia Daut/Reuters) HAVANA, Cuba — As an educational institution, Cuba’s Blogger Academy suffers from a few notable deficiencies. Its six-month course doesn’t grant an accredited degree, and its single, cramped classroom — the living room of founder Yoani Sanchez — isn’t even hooked up to the internet.

Life, death and the Taliban: Blowback

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — On a dusty plain not far from the border with Afghanistan, mud-brick walls weathered by rain and time still mark the boundaries of what were once sprawling Afghan refugee camps. The walls are a crumbling memory of the first time I came to this frontier town in 1995 to report on what was then a new force in the region, the Taliban.

One Indonesian governor's solution for adultery: Attend mass prayers

'I have heard so many reports of married civil servants cheating. They have one girlfriend or boyfriend one day, and another the next,' Rusli Habibie said.

Loathing and lawlessness in occupied eastern Ukraine

SLOVYANSK, Ukraine — Even before Ukrainian troops rolled into this crumbling, economically depressed city on Wednesday and promptly defected to the pro-Russian rebels who had seized it last weekend, as reported, it already seemed a lost cause.

Mexican authorities arrest mayor for helping a drug gang extort city council members

More than 85,000 people have died in killings linked to drug gang violence since the end of 2006.

These are the 6 deadliest places in the world to be an environmentalist

Since 2002, nearly 450 environmental activists have died in Brazil alone.
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