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Ukrainian forces kill five separatists as Putin warns of consequences (LIVE BLOG)

Ukrainian forces moved into the eastern Ukrainian city of Slovyansk, while the Russian president said Kyiv's use of force against civilians was a 'serious crime.' NATO estimates around 40,000 Russian troops are near Ukraine's border.

Egypt's army says it has 'complete control' in the embattled Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai has been gripped with violence since the army toppled President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood last year.

Sri Lanka deports a British tourist for her Buddha tattoo

'Some Sri Lankans could get offended,' senior immigration official Chulananda Perera said.

A security guard kills 3 Americans at a hospital in Kabul

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for similar attacks this year, but made no comment about Thursday's shooting.

A Pakistani TV channel is under pressure from the military to shut down

Geo News has accused the military's spy agency of being behind the shooting of a prominent journalist.

11 ways Tony Abbott is ruining Australia and threatening the whole world

Tony Abbott assumed office as Prime Minister of Australia on September 18, 2013. Since then, he has done Australia and the world a great many disservices in a very short amount of time. From his rolling back of green initiatives and his disregard for climate change to his hardline stance against asylum-seekers and promotion of social conservatism, Abbott's dragging Australia back into the dark ages. And his dangerous approach to the environment threatens to take the world with him.

Train derailment in Democratic Republic of Congo kills 63 people

Fifty others were trapped inside the goods train after 12 of its carriages flipped off the track.

Brazilian president signs groundbreaking law ensuring net neutrality and privacy

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff praised the US's decision to ease control over the internet and called for a more transparent network following the NSA spying scandal.

Separatists in Ukraine say detained Vice journalist is 'not a hostage but our guest'

Vice News said that it is in contact with the US State Department and other government authorities to work toward securing the safety of its journalist.

Hamas and Palestine Liberation Organization announce reconciliation agreement

'This is the good news we tell our people: the era of division is over,' Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said.
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