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Pope Francis wants you to forgive 'evil' priests who sexually abused children

Child abuse litigation has shaken the moral authority of leaders of the world's largest religious denomination.

A foreign health worker died of MERS and five others were infected in UAE

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia reported that two people had died in the Red Sea city of Jeddah after contracting the disease.

The 6 most surprising ways the US government is spending your taxes

Tax Day is nearing, but do you really know how Washington spends your money?

Political leader in India calls convicted gang-rapists 'poor fellows.' Outrage ensues

'They are boys, they make mistakes,' said Mulayam Singh Yadav referring to three men who were sentenced to death last week for taking part in two gang-rapes.

Ukraine's prime minister offered more regional power on his visit to embattled Donetsk

Ukraine's interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk paid a visit on Friday to the eastern city of Donetsk, where separatists seized a government building last Sunday and have occupied it since. He held talks with regional leaders, as the separatists demanded a referendum to join Russia, similar to the one Crimea held before it seceded from Ukraine and joined Russia last month.

Sri Lanka's military says it killed 3 Tamil separatists in the first clash since the end of the war

A police spokesman said 65 Tamils have been arrested in the past month for alleged involvement in a possible revival of the LTTE rebel group.

US threatens new sanctions on Russia

NATO released 19 satellite pictures showing that up to 40,000 Russian troops armed with tanks and military vehicles have set up camp just east of Ukraine's border.

More than half the women in these countries are married by the time they turn 18

Police said a child bride forced into marriage in Nigeria killed her groom by poisoning him. Unfortunately, child marriage is very common in the country.
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