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A new idea out of Turkey: Using Twitter to verify election results

ISTANBUL — Since last Sunday’s election, a group called 140journos has been attempting an unprecedented task: verifying each and every polling station’s election results via crowd-sourcing.

UN warns drought could push millions more Syrians into hunger

The threat posed by drought meant the number of Syrians in need of emergency rations could rise to 6.5 million.

Life in Eastleigh, where a bomb attack Monday means you'll be arrested Tuesday

NAIROBI — Crowds weave their way through street stands selling fruit, DVDs and textbooks. Shop owners raise rusty shutters and hip-hop music blares from motorcycles zigzagging through the pothole-ridden roads. Six people died in this neighborhood last Monday, when three explosions tore through two restaurants and a clinic at rush hour. More than 600 people were arrested the following day. But that's business as usual in Eastleigh, a Somali-dominated suburb of the Kenyan capital.

France says it backs the evacuation of Muslims in Central African Republic 'as last resort'

The United Nations said on April 1 it was trying to evacuate 19,000 Muslims urgently from the capital Bangui and other parts of CAR.

On Location Video: World Cup 2014 will basically be a giant robotics show

RIO DE JANEIRO — With simmering protests, a surge in violence and less than three months to go till the World Cup, Rio de Janeiro police have introduced a host of new tactics that seem right out of science fiction. Each hosting city has spent about $90 million on surveillance drones, explosive-detecting robots, camera glasses and other equipment. But is it making the city safer? 

Now Hiring: Deputy Social Media Editor

This is a fun job.

Kerry says Russia may be laying the ground for military action in eastern Ukraine

'It is clear that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalyst behind the chaos of the last 24 hours,' US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

The 8 most surprising nations that still require a prescription for birth control

You can get the pill over the counter in Pakistan, but not in Canada or the US.

USAID contractor Alan Gross who is jailed in Cuba goes on hunger strike

Gross's fate may have been harmed by the revelation last week that USAID was engaged in building a social network in Cuba from 2010 to 2012.
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