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On gay rights, South Africa offers a model for the rest of the continent

CAPE TOWN — At the heart of Cape Town’s gay village Café Manhattan, on a corner of Waterkant Street, has for years been a mainstay of the city’s vibrant, thriving, visible and open gay scene. No one here is hiding. But Cape Town’s gay village doesn’t, wouldn’t, and couldn’t exist in any other country on this continent, the majority of which outlaw homosexuality. 

Watch Palestinian youths dance to the Gaza version of 'Happy' (VIDEO)

"Gaza Style" (Gangnam Style/YouTube) People all over the world have shared videos of themselves dancing to “Happy,” the effervescent hit by Pharrell Williams.

Why we won’t know what’s up with China's real estate bubble until it's too late

SHANGHAI — For now, China’s property market seems like the 'bubble' that just won’t pop. Analysts have been forecasting its endfor almost seven years. The start of this year saw another round of scary predictions from pundits.The trouble is, nobody really has a good idea what the bubble looks like, how big it is, or whether it exists at all.

Indians prefer politicians who refuse to have sex or get married

NEW DELHI — In the US, politicians routinely wield their spouse as a potent political weapon, to define their character and help win elections. Think Hillary Clinton, Jackie Onassis, Todd Palin, and the like. In India, the opposite is true. A spouse is viewed as a liability, an obligation that will distract from a politician’s duty to his country. This ethic is complicating frontrunner Narendra Modi's bid to be India's next prime minister.

Uruguay may treat drug-addicted prisoners with medical weed. Here's how that would work.

MONTEVIDEO — Uruguay's top counternarcotics official denied reports that the government will wean inmates off drugs with marijuana. But we got curious: How would that work exactly if they were to do it? Here's what we found.

The battle for Berlin

BERLIN — The infamous squatters who once occupied vacant lots and abandoned buildings across Berlin have all but disappeared. But as the city's renaissance drives up rents and wealthy migrants from southern Germany displace leftists, artists and slackers, a new alliance of anti-gentrification activists, immigrants and refugees is emerging in pockets of resistance.

Watch Greek football fans turn their stadium into an insane “ring of fire” (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, PAOK played Olympiakos in the second leg of the Greek Cup semi-finals at Thessaloniki. Everyone behaved nicely, from the fans to the players. LOL NOPE! Everyone behaved exactly as you would expect absolutely insane Greek soccer fans to behave.

The UK really needs to calm down about snails

One in five British gardeners hate snails so much that they lob them into their neighbors' yards, a new survey finds.

Meet Europe’s likely new leaders

LISBON — The EU needs to choose new leaders to fill key posts running the world's biggest economic power in the coming months — a task made more urgent than usual because of the risk of war in Ukraine and the threat of revanchist Russia.

The 4 songs you had no idea were inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

MEXICO CITY — From Shakira to Silvio Rodriguez, music has immortalized Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
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