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That commercial for Cadillac is everything France hates about the US

PARIS, France — It’s fair to assume that Cadillac didn’t have its French customers in mind when it released its latest TV spot. What the advert for Cadillac's new electric car assumes will appeal to an American audience — enterprise, self-reliance, “stuff” — sounds to French ears like consumerism, materialism, arrogance. In other words, everything they love to hate about the US.

Will this deal solve Mexico’s vigilante problem?

MEXICO CITY — The rise of thousands of vigilantes bearing assault rifles in western Mexico’s Michoacan state has been nothing short of a policy nightmare for President Enrique Peña Nieto. This new deal might be his best way out.

97 percent, 49 billion, and 3 other convincing climate change numbers

LIMA — United Nations climate experts are warning that time is rapidly running out to avert global catastrophe. GlobalPost takes a look at some key climate change statistics from their new report and other studies.

Australia’s war on science

SYDNEY — Scientists here in Australia say they’ve discovered their foe: Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Since he came to power in September, some of Australia’s finest researchers point out that their budgets have been slashed. They say their expertise is being ignored in favor of the views of skeptics with a dubious commitment to the facts.

The Netherlands debuts a futuristic highway that glows in the dark

If you take a nighttime drive along highway N329 in Oss, the Netherlands, it's going to be awesome.

How the world gets drunk, in 4 surprising charts

BANGKOK — Sorry Russians. When it comes to bingeing, you’ve got nothing on Vietnam’s women.

President Xi Jinping is amping up his anti-graft offensive at the highest levels of the Communist Party

HONG KONG — After more than a year, China’s seemingly unstoppable anti-corruption campaign is continuing its remarkable pace. Just in the last week, three high-level officials have been taken down. All three are tied to the ultimate target, who formerly ranked among the Communist Party's most powerful officials. Here's why the crackdown is dangerous for China and the party.

You see sexual harassment: Do you call the police, or tie up the perpetrator yourself?

CAIRO — Essam Bashary no longer goes to demonstrations. A liberal, he’s too disappointed by the way the Arab Spring has degenerated into a fight between military and Islamists in Egypt. But the 26-year-old Tahrir Square veteran has found a new cause to occupy his time — fighting sexual harassment.

Finland just released this amazing, slightly NSFW stamp collection

Behold the glory that is Finland's latest set of postage stamps.

Edinburgh’s very secret society

EDINBURGH — Edinburgh University’s Old College is one of Scotland’s best-known buildings. Its imposing cupola and neo-classical quadrangle has provided the setting for numerous films, novels and plays. But the building also harbors a secret: For almost 200 years, a clandestine, all-male society with connections that run across the upper echelons of Scottish society has held regular meetings in its rooms.
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