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Pope Francis, again with the selfies

What better way to kick off Easter week than taking a selfie with some of your most devoted fans? If you're the pope, that is. 

9-month-old Pakistani baby won't go to jail after all

A Pakistani court on Saturday threw out charges of attempted murder against a nine-month-old baby, in a case that highlighted endemic flaws in the country's legal system and provoked widespread ridicule.

Is Chile about to end Pinochet’s total ban on abortion?

LIMA — Chile is one of just six nations in the world that have ban on abortion in all circumstances, even if the mother is at the point of death. That may be about to change.

How Europe can kick its Russian gas habit

SINES, Portugal — This port on the Atlantic coast is just about as far from Russia as you can get on the European mainland. But this pretty little town could soon be on the frontline of a battle to break Europe's dependence on Russian energy exports.

Watch this extreme skydiver break a world record by landing a 14,000-foot jump using the world's smallest parachute

Ernesto Gainza, a professional skydiver from Venezuela, is a certified badass. On April 5, he jumped out of a plane from 14,000 feet above Dubai wearing the smallest parachute in the world. Not only did he survive, he looked smoother in his landing than most of us look when stepping off a moving escalator.

The South Korean government wants to impose a curfew on smartphone use

Two recent studies plot a rise in the number of South Korean teens at risk for smartphone addiction — a condition that some psychologists formally call nomophobia (for no mobile phone phobia): the fear of being without one’s phone. One in four South Korean high school students is prone to addiction, more than double the 11 percent estimated last year, claims a March 2014 National Information Society Agency study, which surveyed 15,600 smartphone users aged 10 to 54. The study also found that 9 percent of adults are at risk of smartphone dependency.

The zero-emission engine is getting ready for prime time

STUTTGART — If hydrogen cars take off, the biggest impact may be felt not in the car industry but in wind energy. Their potential benefit to power companies means the vehicles may become even bigger in Germany that electric and hybrid cars.

The 7 inconsistencies the Pistorius prosecutor is focusing on (so far)

PRETORIA, South Africa — Oscar Pistorius, on trial for his girlfriend’s murder, has spent a rocky three days on the witness stand under cross examination by lead prosecutor Gerrie 'the Pit Bull' Nel.

Even the 99 percent get kidnapped in Mexico

CUERNAVACA, Mexico — Once the plutocrats' plague, kidnapping for ransom in Mexico has gone decidedly mass market. Shopkeepers and family physicians, carpenters and taxi drivers: All have been targeted in recent years as minions of young criminals enter a trade long run by guerrillas and gangland bosses. That puts Mexico, along with Colombia and Venezuela, among the world's most kidnap-prone countries.

Thai men dressing up like Mexican gangsters, it's a thing

They look like Cholos. But appearances are about all these young Thai men have adopted from the notoriously fierce Mexican American subculture.
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