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The Cambodians who stitch your clothing keep fainting in droves

BANGKOK — It should have been an extraordinary scene: more than 100 factory hands fainting in unison as if possessed by spirits. But in Cambodian garment factories, which play a major role in supplying American malls, mass fainting is no longer a freak phenomenon. It’s disturbingly common. The enigmatic problem is persistent despite waves of government studies, activist campaigns and vows to investigate factory conditions by global fashion empires such as H&M.

How Brits actually sound versus how Hollywood thinks they sound

Dear America: We don't all speak like Dick Van Dyke. In fact, none of us speak like Dick Van Dyke. Love, the Brits.

It's April, which means Eritrea's refugees are headed north

ADDIS ABABA — Walking along the roads of Mebrat Hail in the suburbs of this Ethiopian capital does not feel the same as it did two months ago. March is the right month, according to popular wisdom around here, to start the journey from Khartoum to Libya. The Sahara desert is not too hot and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea will be calmer by April than they have been during the winter. 

One of these men will lead Afghanistan

On Saturday, Afghans will go to the polls to elect a new president. If things go smoothly, it will be the first-ever peaceful transfer of power in a country where regime change has historically been engineered via assassination, coup, or foreign military intervention.

This touching commercial from Thailand will inspire you to be kinder (and maybe make you cry)

"Unsung Hero" is the story of an awesome person being awesome and expecting nothing in return.

The developed world’s least helpful husbands

SEOUL, South Korea — So, you think your husband is a domestic sloth, failing to pull his weight in household duties? Take comfort from South Korean wives, who have it worse. In fact, husbands in this severely overworked nation do the least housework of 29 developed countries surveyed, according to a study by the OECD club of advanced nations. But they say it’s not their fault.

Russian sanctions might keep Miley Cyrus from twerking in Finland

Miley Cyrus is booked to perform at a Helsinki venue that is owned by three Russians on the US blacklist.

As Kyiv looks West, Ukraine’s east watches in dismay

STAKHANOV, Ukraine — If there were a perfect counterpoint to Kyiv’s months-long, pro-European protest movement — with its Facebook activists and video campaigns — it could be this grim outpost of smokestacks, machinery and crumbling apartment blocks.
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