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Watch Pope Francis break yet another Vatican tradition

Faithful showed up to St. Peter's Basilica expecting to see Pope Francis hear confessions. They were surprised by what happened instead.

Q&A: What's next for Venezuela?

LIMA — Bitterly divided between government supporters and opponents, Venezuela appears trapped in a dangerous cycle of protests, violence and repression. Meanwhile, the violent crime, skyrocketing inflation and shortages of basic goods that prompted many Venezuelans to take to the streets continue unabated. What’s next for a country that should be enjoying the economic windfall of the world’s largest proven oil reserves? In search of answers, GlobalPost interviewed Venezuela expert Harold Trinkunas, who heads the Latin America program at the Brookings Institution.

Here, listen to what a $45 million Stradivari viola sounds like

If you like the sound, and have tens of millions of dollars at your disposal, you can bid on it at an upcoming auction.

Can shea butter save Africa?

Growing demand among Western consumers for the fruit of shea trees, known as "women's gold" by those who harvest it, is helping improve lives in some of the world's poorest communities.

Watch panda diplomacy in action

Chinese leader Xi Jinping embarks on the last leg of a swing through Europe on Sunday meeting Belgium's royals and visiting a pair of giant pandas ahead of an historic EU visit, the first ever by a Chinese president.

Hey monks, meet crowdsourcing

Crowdfunding and medieval history are coming together in Rome as a group of Franciscan monks take to the internet to drum up funds to restore a dusty cell said to have been used by St. Francis of Assisi himself.

More Chinese relatives fly to Malaysia, demanding the truth about flight MH370

About 50 Chinese relatives of passengers on board missing flight MH370 arrived in Malaysia on Sunday to press for answers about the fate of their loved ones.

It's time to kick off the Street Child World Cup in Rio!

There are some exciting World Cup soccer matches scheduled for Sunday, March 30. But don’t expect to see Wayne Rooney, Neymar, or any other stars of world football on the pitch. You won’t recognize any of the players' names, but they’ve got serious footy skills and they didn’t develop them at the fancy youth academies of FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. This is the Street Child World Cup (SCWC).

Think Uruguay’s president is fascinating? Meet his wife

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — By most accounts, Uruguay’s President Jose 'Pepe' Mujica is pretty badass. He survived 14 years in prison, fought as a revolutionary, gives away most of his salary, drives a crumbling VW bug and shows up to official meetings in his sandals. Hell, he even signed a law making Uruguay the first country on the planet that will grow, harvest, sell and tax marijuana. But you know who’s just as much of a badass, if not more? His wife.

Gays can now marry in England, but 20% of Brits wouldn't go to the wedding

Gay couples across England and Wales said "I do" Saturday as a law authorizing same-sex marriage came into effect at midnight, the final stage in a long fight for equality.
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