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The guy who ate gold, and 5 other weird smuggling busts

An Indian businessman just had $16,000 worth of gold removed from his intestines, but that's nothing compared to pants full of monkeys.

This Norwegian reality show is like nothing you've ever seen

OK, we've already proven that Norwegian TV is awesome and innovative. Turns out it's also adorable.

Holy Mexico hailstones! Easter week is getting freak weather

MEXICO CITY — Residents of the Mexican capital normally celebrate their four-day Easter weekend with water fights to cool down from the searing April heat. But millions leaving work Wednesday were confounded by the sight of hailstones thudding on their cars like marbles.

French lawmakers no longer think animals are the same as furniture

PARIS, France — Good news for the cats and dogs of France: they have feelings now. Mais oui. Doting pet owners may be surprised to learn that man’s best friend is, according to the French civil code, a “movable asset.” That’s about to change, if the governing Socialist Party gets its way.

Norway's new TV sensation is like watching paint dry

There's a lot of talk about mindfulness these days, about the need to slow down and unplug in order to savor the world around us. Well, Norwegian TV has found a way to let us do that while leaving everything plugged in.

UNICEF's 'Poo2Loo' campaign targets open defecation in India with weird games, videos, shitty puns, and a turd mascot

Open defecation, public waste dumping, and water contamination are all serious problems for a nation with over 1.2 billion people. UNICEF's approach in the 'Poop2Loo' campaign is a bit less serious. But maybe that's just what's needed to get people talking about poop.

'Oh Hell Yes,' says Ottawa man about Blood Moon

'He was really into it,' said one neighbor.
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