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This French juggler uses a pair of 8-rings to create amazing optical illusions

Lindzee Poi is a 25-year-old juggler from Angers, France, and he's developed a simple and stunning routine that will fool your eyes and mess with your brain.

Mongolia gives Hagel a horse — but he leaves it behind

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel named the horse Shamrock after his Nebraska high school mascot.

The Vatican may have just hired a hawk as part of the pope's security force

The feathered bodyguard would be tasked with protecting the pope's peace doves from marauding predators. We await confirmation.

This outrageous photo shoot might be even better than Miranda Kerr's raunchy GQ spread

The awkwardly hilarious spoof pictures are actually a comment on fashion industry double standards.

This town in France throws its senior citizens an epic $46,000 party each year

PARIS, France — Champagne on tap. All the lobster you can eat. A jar of fois gras to take home. Topless carnival girls and male pole dancers. This ain't your grandma's Christmas lunch. Oh wait — it is. Or at least it would be if Granny lived in Le Barcarès, a small town perched on France's southern coast. 

Turns out Valeria Lukyanova, Ukraine's human Barbie doll, is kind of a racist lunatic

Back in 2012, the internet discovered a 21-year-old Ukrainian woman named Valeria Lukyanova, whose life goal was to look exactly like a Barbie doll. It was easy to assume that Lukyanova was just a small-town Ukrainian girl who'd internalized oppressive beauty ideals. Well apparently there are some other oppressive ideals at work in her Barbie doll image.

A Malaysian artist just wished Jackie Chan a happy 60th birthday with this crazy portrait made of 64,000 chopsticks (VIDEO)

Hog Yi, who goes by RED, describes herself as an artist who "loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush."
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