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Chilled-out Pope still thinks you’ll burn in hell if you have sex before marriage

Pope Francis, known for being more laid back than his predecessors, still maintains that you will burn for eternity should you have sex out of wedlock.

Don't be fooled by this adorable Chinese 3-year-old and his dance moves

OK, this kid is really cute and he definitely has some amazing dance moves (best robot this side of the Ural Mountains). But there's something else going on here. Young Zhang Junhao from Shandong province knows something no 3-year-old should know.

Ireland's new goat-sheep hybrid is as adorable as you'd expect (VIDEO)

What's brown, woolly and runs fast as hell? This fuzzy Irish geep.

Hindu nationalists and rationalists make strange neighbors in Pune

PUNE, India — Veteran activist Narendra Dabholkar's murder was a blow to what remains of the ‘political left’ here in Pune, an academic and industrial hub teeming with smog and construction, as well as to the organization he founded, the Maharashtra Committee for the Eradication of Blind Faith, or MANS.

Watch as a falling meteorite nearly strikes this Norwegian skydiver

For the first time ever, we have video of a meteorite in "dark flight," the period after a burning meteor passes through the Earth's atmosphere, stops emitting light, and falls straight to the ground at terminal velocity.

Watch the magic of film editing turn Sydney into an amazing miniature replica of itself

Even if this film makes you feel like you're playing high-definition SimCity on an Oculus Rift, what you're seeing is ordinary video footage of Sydney, Australia.

Turkey's latest enemy of the state: Cats

First they came for Twitter. Then they came for YouTube. Now, the definitive proof that Turkey's government hates the internet: it's started hating on cats. 

800 emoticons and 'black smiley face' ain't one

If you're a cat in love, there's an emoticon for you. If you're a pair of dancing twins, there's an emoticon for you. Heck, if you're a turd with eyes, there's an emoticon for you. If you're a black person, though? Not so much. 
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