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Berlusconi's new low: pet adoptions

Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi has unveiled a scheme to boost his flagging popularity: finding homes for hundreds of thousands of stray dogs and cats to win the hearts of animal lovers, media reports said Sunday.

It was shear luck nobody was hurt during this protest outside the Louvre (VIDEO)

Viewing some of the world’s greatest masterpieces in the Louvre shouldn’t be missed, but sometimes it feels like you’re just one of the herd. Take Friday, for instance.

Elvis, Tupac, Kurt Cobain, and John Lennon are alive and starring in this Dutch beer commercial

This is probably not the weirdest thing you'll see today, but it's still pretty weird.

Denmark's birth rate has become so low a travel company is offering couples a discount to have more sex

You guys, Denmark is in trouble. The birth rate is at 27-year low. People aren't having enough babies and the people who used to have babies are getting really old. What to do? 

North Korean students are now advised to get the exact same haircut as Kim Jong Un

This is incredible. Unless you're a North Korean man. With a weird shaped head. As of two weeks ago, men in North Korea are required to get the "Dear Leader Kim Jong Un" haircut.

Donetsk seeks to leave Ukraine and join... Britain

Crimea isn't the only separatist region in Ukraine. In the country's far east, in one of the former Soviet Union's industrial heartlands, some locals consider themselves less Ukrainian than... British. Wait, what?

8K people have signed a petition to give Alaska to Russia

Secession. It's all the rage. A petition appeared on this week, asking Obama to give Alaska to Russia. So far, 8,534 people have signed it — which is 389 more people than when I took the screenshot below 24 minutes ago.

Top 10 reasons Sen. Dan Coats is sad about being sanctioned by Russia

After Russia issued a travel ban on nine high-ranking Americans, the Republican senator from Indiana asked Twitter if anyone knew the Russian word for 'Hoosier.'

Japan's gaming community has developed a crush on Crimea's attorney general

What does it take for Japanese gamers to develop an interest in Crimean politics? One adorable attorney-general, that's what. Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea's attorney-general, has captured the hearts and minds and a little something extra of Japanese gamers, thanks, it appears, to her winsome face and her ability to blink many times in a row.
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