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Japan's gaming community has developed a crush on Crimea's attorney general

What does it take for Japanese gamers to develop an interest in Crimean politics? One adorable attorney-general, that's what. Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea's attorney-general, has captured the hearts and minds and a little something extra of Japanese gamers, thanks, it appears, to her winsome face and her ability to blink many times in a row.

Courtney Love thinks she may have found MH370

More than three million people have used a web-based satellite imagery platform to help search for the missing plane. One of those three million: Courtney Love, rock musician and wife of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. And she thinks she may have found it.

Pakistani court sentences British woman to life in prison for smuggling drugs

Khadija Shah was six months pregnant and traveling with her two other children when caught with more than a hundred pounds of heroin.

The best MH370 conspiracies according to the MH370 conspiracy generator

It's been more than a week since Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight disappeared, and still, all we've got are theories. The plane was hijacked. The plane experienced mechanical failure. The missing jet used another jet to hide. God did it.

10 outrageous quotes from Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro

The Venezuelan president also has a knack for the kind of oddball public statements that suggest a loose grip on both reality and the Spanish language. GlobalPost rounds up 10 of the best 'maduradas,' as Nicolas Maduro’s verbal gaffes are known in his homeland.

These coconut-waving shamans will help find the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, apparently

It's been an agonizing wait to find out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Twenty-six countries and thousands of individuals have joined the search for the missing passenger jet, deploying their finest military equipment and the latest satellite technology to hunt for any sign of the vanished aircraft. Well, someone ought to tell them that they can just go home. There's a new expert on the case: a Malaysian shaman who claims that he can help locate the world's most-searched-for plane using little more than a pair of coconuts, a magic carpet and something that looks a heck of a lot like 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat.'

9 cats really, really not enjoying Colombia's International Feline Fair

Who doesn't love cat fairs? Cats, that's who. To judge by the pictures we've seen of last weekend's International Feline Fair in Medellin, Colombia, the competitors could each think of a million ways they'd rather be spending their Sunday.

Berlin the world's first city with its own domain name

Berlin won the race to become the world’s first city with its own domain name. Websites using the .berlin suffix are to debut March 18. “Domains are descriptive, not just cryptic abbreviations like .org or .com,” dotBerlin representative Dirk Krischenowski told reporters.

Rwanda denies it's been trying to kill people in S. Africa, but says that one guy had it coming

NAIROBI — The latest attack on Rwandan dissident Kayumba Nyamwasa at his South African home was botched, but for South Africa it was the final straw.
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