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Rwanda denies it's been trying to kill people in S. Africa, but says that one guy had it coming

NAIROBI — The latest attack on Rwandan dissident Kayumba Nyamwasa at his South African home was botched, but for South Africa it was the final straw.

5 of history's most mysterious airplane disappearances and crashes

Like Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, these flights didn't make it to their destinations.

Israeli couscous, a gourmet ingredient? Only in the minds of American chefs

JERUSALEM — Most likely, if you've eaten out in the past few years, you’ve encountered the chewy, nutty, bouncy orb known as Israeli couscous, a toasted pasta shaped into small, even pearls. The discrepancy between Israeli couscous’s image in America and its image in Israel, in fact, would probably have provoked a laugh from Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion, who came up with the general idea for Israeli couscous during the country’s postwar austerity period.

This is how these 12 countries will punish you for insulting their heads of state

When the king of Bahrain recently upped the penalty for anyone found guilty of “offending” him, it reminded us just how many countries count defaming their head of state a crime. It may be par for the course in the United States, but in dozens of nations around the world, badmouthing your commander-in-chief will earn you fines, imprisonment or even a flogging. Here are 11 countries where it's an offense to offend, and one where it soon might be.

Newspaper apologizes for cartoon showing swastika flying over Canada's parliament

Readers have been slow to forgive over satire that was 'simply aligning the Harper government’s policies with the Nazis.'

That time North Korea’s Kim Jong Un got swarmed by time-traveling female fighter pilots

The Western world got the chance to step back in time thanks to a series of photos released by North Korea's news agency this week. What the photos seem to tell us is that North Korea’s air force is populated by a sassy bunch of gals just over the moon for a fella named Kim Jong Un. North Korea is totally prepared for World War III, with uniforms left over from the last World War.
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