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Imams issue fatwa against Muslims going to Mars

A group of imams in the United Arab Emirates has issued a fatwa against Muslims taking part in the Mars One mission.

Why Lebanon censors Frank Sinatra, Puss in Boots, and The West Wing

BEIRUT — At the entrance to the March Lebanon office in Beirut there is a well-stocked bookshelf. Its contents include classics like 'Of Mice and Men,' 'The Diary of Anne Frank,' 'The Da Vinci Code,' 'Sophie’s Choice' and the slightly less classy 'Little Book of Big Penis.' The Lebanese government has banned them. 

37 motorbikes carrying everything, including crocodiles

Motos make the world go round. In most places that's literally the case. Motos are how people get to school, get to work, transport poultry and large reptiles. If you have ever seen someone attempt to put all their earthly possessions on the back of one moto, and succeed, then you know what I'm talking about. 

Indians pulled this baby elephant out of a sinkhole

Accidents happen. In India, accidents involving elephants happen. This poor baby pachyderm slipped next to a railway embankment in Assam, in northeastern India, and got stuck in a sinkhole.

Once enemies, a pastor and an imam wage peace in Nigeria

KADUNA, Nigeria — For years, they were out to kill each other. And they almost did.  But now Pastor James Wuye and the Imam Muhammad Ashafa work side by side trying to heal the divide between Nigeria’s Christians and Muslims as the heads of the Interfaith Mediation Centre, which is housed in a brick building here in Kaduna along the frontline that straddles the Muslim neighborhoods to the north and the Christian neighborhoods to the south. 

Prince Charles like you've never seen him before

Prince Charles rocked the Ardah, donning traditional robes and wielding a sword in a traditional Saudi Arabian dance.

A depressed Chinese man tried to feed himself to zoo tigers (VIDEO)

A depressed factory worker in China tries to feed himself to a pair of Bengal tigers at a local zoo.

An artist smashed an ancient vase worth $1 million in a very expensive protest (VIDEO)

The 51-year-old Florida painter said the priceless pot looked like anything you might find “at Home Depot, frankly.”

Watch these LA workers break the record for the world's largest concrete pour (VIDEO)

A crew of construction workers in LA breaks the record for the world's largest continuous concrete pour.

Driving into the ocean and 8 other spectacular fails as GPS turns 25

The Global Positioning System may have changed the way we drive, but not always in a good way.
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