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'How to date Japanese women who haven’t been exposed to radiation'

What's wrong with this Maxim Korea cover? Let me rephrase that. What is unusually wrong with this Maxim Korea cover? 

It's so 'cold' in Sochi that...

Cameramen went shirtless and tourists took a dip in the ocean at the suddenly not-so-Winter Oympics.

Watch these scientists use robots to hack and control animal communities

What do you get when you combine the science of animal behavior with the latest in robotics technology? You get the LEURRE project. And you get one step closer to complete human dominion over animal life.

The French press corps went to the White House and acted like total teenagers

Funny hats on the front lawn. Video games in the briefing room. Selfies in the Oval Office. When the French press corps went to Washington, things got pretty silly, pretty quickly. 

The 9 most unfortunate Olympic ad tie-ins

These ads never made it to television, thankfully.

US bobsledder Johnny Quinn gets stuck in Sochi — again

First the bathroom, then the elevator. Quinn, you might want to start carrying a small crowbar.

Spirit fingerssssss!! Sochi brings out the wacky in fans (PHOTOS)

It's Winter Olympics time. And for some countries, that means bringing the crazy.

Astronomers just discovered the oldest known star in the universe

The ancient star is about 6,000 light years from Earth — relatively close in astronomical terms.

The world’s most imaginative insults

As long as there have been words, humans have been using those words to make other humans feel bad (probably), so it's little wonder that the world has a lot of names to call people by. Here's a sampling of some of the most creative insults from other cultures. Warning: contains bad — and bizarre — language.
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