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US shutdown threatens defense contractors

Defense companies warned Friday they are days away from placing thousands of workers on unpaid leave if the US government shutdown drags on and halts arms manufacturing. Failure by Congress to approve a budget for the new fiscal year has dramatically disrupted military contract work because the Pentagon has no money to cover compulsory inspections and audits. Without inspections, defense firms have no legal way to keep building warplanes, naval ships, submarines and other weapons, even though they have funds from previously approved contracts.

Lockheed Martin lays off 3,000 workers due to shutdown

US defense contractor Lockheed Martin said Friday it would put 3,000 workers on unpaid leave Monday due to the government shutdown. Lockheed said the number of employees furloughed was expected to increase weekly in the event of a prolonged shutdown. The furloughs include employees who are unable to work because the government facility where they perform their work is closed, or their work requires a government inspection that cannot be completed, or the company has received a stop-work order, the Bethesda, Maryland-based defense contractor said in a statement.

Lockheed Martin to furlough 3,000 workers next week due to government shutdown

BETHESDA, Md. - Lockheed Martin says it will furlough 3,000 employees on Monday due to the government shutdown. The big defence contractor said Friday that the number of employees put on furlough will increase weekly if the shutdown continues. Lockheed says the furloughs include employees who are unable to work because the government facility where they perform their work is closed, those whose work requires a government inspection that cannot be completed or the company has received a stop work order.

Lockheed to furlough 3,000 workers due to U.S. shutdown

(Reuters) - Lockheed Martin Corp said about 3,000 employees would be furloughed on Monday due to the U.S. shutdown. The company said the number of employees was expected to increase every week if the shutdown continued. Lockheed said the furloughed employees include those who work at government facilities that have closed and those whose work requires a government inspection that cannot be completed.

White House supports bill to retroactively pay federal workers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said on Friday that it would support a bill from Republicans in the House of Representatives that would retroactively pay federal workers who have been furloughed because of the government shutdown. "This bill alone, however, will not address the serious consequences of the funding lapse, nor will a piecemeal approach to appropriations bills," the White House said in a statement, again urging the House to vote on a Senate-passed stop-gap funding measure.

Restaurants, bars, skydiving company offer 'Furlough Freebies'

By Victoria and Cavaliere (Reuters) - There are consolation prizes for some of the 800,000 federal workers finding themselves without paychecks during the government shutdown - discounts and freebies. Across the United States, restaurants, bars, gyms and even a skydiving company were offering price breaks to furloughed workers, promoting the deals on social media such as Twitter.

Congress mulls backpay for furloughed US gov't employees

Furlough days for thousands of employees ordered off the job in the ongoing US government shutdown may turn into paid leave if Congress passes legislation Friday that retroactively pays lost wages. The measures were considered just as a dramatic car chase unfolded Thursday in Washington in which US Capitol Police -- who are working during the shutdown but without pay until the budget crisis is resolved -- helped stop the suspect.

U.S. companies warn of delays, furloughs from shutdown

By Alwyn Scott NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. government shutdown is beginning to hit the factory floor, with major manufacturers like Boeing Co <BA.N> and United Technologies Corp <UTX.N> warning of delays and employee furloughs in the thousands if the budget impasse persists. Companies that rely on federal workers to inspect and approve their products or on government money to fund their operations said they are preparing to slow or stop work if the first government shutdown in 17 years continues into next week.

US shutdown forces 'damaging' spy layoffs

Some 70 percent of employees in US intelligence have been furloughed in the government shutdown, the top US spy official said Wednesday, calling the situation "damaging" to national security. James Clapper, director of national intelligence, told a Senate panel that US spy agencies must adhere to a legal standard to keep on staff only employees who are dealing with "imminent" threats.

United Technologies says it may furlough more than 5K employees due to government shutdown

HARTFORD, Conn. - United Technologies Corp. says it may furlough more than 5,000 workers if the U.S. government shutdown continues into next month. United Technologies says its Sikorsky division, which makes Black Hawk helicopters, would be hit first. It expects nearly 2,000 employees, including those employed at facilities in Connecticut, Florida and Alabama, will be furloughed by Monday.
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