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Humanitarian crisis looms in western Myanmar as foreign aid workers leave

DHAECHAUNG VILLAGE, Myanmar (Reuters) - With food stocks dwindling and prices rising by the hour in his camp for displaced Rohingya in Myanmar's Rakhine state, Hla Maung decided to ask a friend in the neighbouring village for food.

Food shortages loom as aid workers flee west Myanmar

Thousands of vulnerable people in strife-torn western Myanmar are close to running out of food and clean water, according to aid groups forced to flee the region after a wave of mob violence. Many displaced people -- mostly stateless Rohingya Muslims -- living in bleak camps in Rakhine State are completely reliant on humanitarian deliveries, which have now stopped as a result of the unprecedented attacks on relief organisations.

Myanmar begins 1st census taking in 30 years

Myanmar began on Sunday taking its first national census in 31 years, with 100,000 census takers fanning out across the country to canvass for individual household information. While an up-to-date census is vital for drawing up national development projects, the government's census-taking policy of refusing to register Rohingya as an ethnic group has stoked concerns of religious conflict between the Muslim Rohingya and the nation's largely Buddhist population.

Foreign aid workers targeted by Myanmar mob

Several foreign aid workers were under police protection Thursday in unrest-torn western Myanmar, authorities said, after security forces fired warning shots to disperse a mob laying siege to the offices of an international humanitarian group. Hundreds of local Buddhists massed around the offices of Germany-based medical aid group Malteser International late Wednesday in Sittwe, the capital of volatile Rakhine State, hurling stones and prompting police to escort at least eight staff to safety.

US lawmakers urge Myanmar to protect Rohingya

A US congressional panel on Tuesday urged Myanmar to end discrimination against its Rohingya minority, saying human rights were vital as the once pariah nation embraces democratic reforms. The House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a resolution that calls on the country formerly known as Burma to "end all forms of persecution and discrimination" against the Rohingya, a mostly Muslim people who are not even recognized as citizens.

Suspected Uighurs rescued from Thai trafficking camp

By Andrew R.C. Marshall HAT YAI, Thailand (Reuters) - Police rescued about 200 people believed to be Muslim Uighurs from a human smuggling camp in southern Thailand, police sources said on Friday, in the latest crackdown on a burgeoning trafficking network in Southeast Asia.

Exclusive: Trafficking abuse of Myanmar Rohingya spreads to Malaysia

By Stuart Grudgings BUKIT MERTAJAM, Malaysia (Reuters) - Human traffickers have kept hundreds of Rohingya Muslims captive in houses in northern Malaysia, beating them, depriving them of food, and demanding a ransom from their families, according to detailed accounts by the victims.

Aid lifeline under threat for Myanmar's Rakhine Muslims after MSF ejected

For Muslim communities eking out an existence in segregated camps in Myanmar's Rakhine state, aid groups provide a lifeline but their work is coming under threat from Buddhist nationalist campaigns that have pushed the government to eject Doctors Without Borders (MSF) from the region.

Malaysia killings put Myanmar Buddhists on edge

San Win came to Malaysia seeking political refuge, but now lives in fear of what he and fellow Myanmar Buddhist exiles believe is a pattern of killings targeting them. Exiled Myanmar pro-democracy activist Aung Gyi's body was found in a car boot on February 4, the victim of a stabbing, police and activists have said. San Win and other Buddhists said the killing was one of many and indicates a spillover of deadly Myanmar communal violence into Malaysia, which has a large community of Myanmar migrants and refugees.

U.S. concerned by reports Myanmar suspends MSF in Rakhine State

By Jared Ferrie YANGON (Reuters) - The United States on Friday urged Myanmar to allow humanitarian agencies "unfettered access" in Rakhine state, following reports the government had ordered medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) to stop working there. The Nobel Prize-winning charity has been giving health care to both ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims, a mostly stateless minority who live in apartheid-like conditions and who otherwise have little access to healthcare.
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