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Thieves tap UK pipeline, steal 30,000 liters of fuel-paper

LONDON (Reuters) - UK police are hunting a gang of thieves who are thought to have tapped into an underground oil pipeline, stealing thousands of liters of fuel, a newspaper reported on Monday. More than 30,000 liters of diesel may have been taken from the pipeline running from Esso's Fawley Refinery, the Daily Echo reported. That would be worth about 41,000 pounds ($70,000) at pump prices.

Government-commissioned studies suggest public unsure of energy industry benefit

OTTAWA - Public-opinion research contracted by Ottawa suggests the pro-resource-development Conservative government has not yet convinced Canadians of the national benefits of the energy industry. Two polling companies conducted cross-country focus groups last fall — in addition to one large national poll — and reported a common theme: most Canadians just don't see what's in it for them.

Kazakhstan nervous of tougher Russia/Ukraine oil sanctions

By Raushan Nurshayeva and Alla Afanasyeva ASTANA/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Kazakhstan, which has backed close ally Russia's actions in Ukraine, is seeking alternative routes for its oil exports which may fall if the West decides to toughen sanctions against Russia, a major transit route of Kazakh crude to world markets.

U.S. allows partial restart of Exxon pipeline a year after spill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. regulator on Monday allowed Exxon Mobil Corp to restart operations on the Texas leg of its Pegasus pipeline, which spilled thousands of barrels of oil into a residential area in Arkansas last year. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) approved Exxon's restart plan for a 210-mile (338-km) stretch of the pipeline from Corsicana to Nederland at 80 percent of the operating pressure in place before the March 29, 2013 incident in the small town of Mayflower, Arkansas.

Keystone pipeline backed by coalition of Democrats, Republicans, labor, business

WASHINGTON - An unusual coalition that includes Republicans, Democrats, labour leaders, business leaders, veterans groups and Canada's ambassador to the United States joined forces Tuesday to push for quick approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

China energy safety probe exposes 20,000 potential risks

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has uncovered nearly 20,000 disaster risks in its oil and gas sector during a nationwide safety probe following a pipeline blast that killed 62 people last year, the country's safety watchdog said on Thursday. Checks on some 3,000 petrochemical firms and oil storage sites found nearly 20,000 potential hazards, Wang Haoshui, an inspector with the safety agency, told reporters.

China says corrosion, sparks from jackhammer caused oil pipeline explosion that killed 62

BEIJING, China - A November pipeline explosion in northern China that killed 62 people was caused by sparks from a jackhammer igniting oil that had leaked into the sewage system, revealing major vulnerabilities in China's aging pipeline network, government safety officials said Thursday. The massive explosion Nov. 22 devastated a suburb of the port of Qingdao, leaving another 132 people injured. It ripped apart streets, tossed vehicles into the air and tore the fronts off buildings, causing at least 750 million yuan ($122.7 million) in damage.

4 dead as Yemen army confronts tribe over hit pipeline

Clashes Friday between Yemeni soldiers who confronted armed tribesmen blocking access to a damaged oil pipeline killed four people in the central province of Maarib, sources said. The army attacked the tribesmen, who were preventing repair workers from reaching the pipeline blown up two weeks ago in the area of Wadi Abaydah, said the local and tribal sources. In the ensuing fighting, the army using shells and Katyusha-like rockets, and at least three tribesmen were killed, as well as an army colonel, the sources said.

Yemen tribesmen blow up major oil pipeline

Tribesmen on Saturday blew up a major oil pipeline in southeastern Yemen operated by foreign companies bringing production to a halt, government and industry officials said. "Gunmen belonging to an alliance of Hadramawt tribes blew up the oil pipeline linking Masila oilfield to Al-Daba port in the town of Shahr," a local government official said, adding that production was halted. An industry official said that the pipeline in Hadramawt province pumps around 120,000 barrels per day and is operated by "several foreign companies". faw/lyn/bpz

Alberta gas company pleads guilty, fined after pipeline leak

EDMONTON - A Calgary-based natural gas company has been assessed $350,000 in fines after pleading guilty to a pipeline leak that killed hundreds of fish and damaged a creek in northern Alberta. SemCAMS ULC pleaded guilty after a pipeline rupture released 850,000 litres of salty, chemically contaminated wastewater into a small creek and muskeg near Fox Creek, Alta., in August 2010.
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