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China's 'Jade Rabbit' lunar rover declared dead

China's troubled Jade Rabbit lunar rover has died on the surface of the moon, state media reported Wednesday, in a major setback for the country's ambitious space programme. The country's first moon rover "could not be restored to full function", the state-owned China News Service said in a brief report, after the landmark mission ran into mechanical problems last month.

From Stone Age to Space Age: bone pigment helps probe

A pigment once daubed on cave walls by prehistoric Man will help shield an unmanned probe that will fly close to the Sun, the European Space Agency (ESA) said Wednesday. Black calcium phosphate is being applied to the heatshield of Solar Orbiter, a Sun-monitoring probe due for launch in 2017, to help protect it from searing temperatures. The compound is made from charcoal from burnt bones, the same substance used in making the Chauvet Cave paintings in southern France 30,000 years ago, ESA said.

US, France sign deal for 2016 Mars lander

The United States and France Monday unveiled plans to collaborate on a new Mars mission, two years after NASA withdrew from a European partnership to send a probe and lander to the Red Planet. The project aims to send an unmanned lander to study the deep interior of the dry, dusty planet that is Earth's neighbor, and will be called InSight, short for the Interior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy, and Heat Transport.

N. Korea completing large rocket pad: US think tank

North Korea has almost completed enlargement of its main satellite launch pad, allowing the launch of rockets up to 50 metres in length as early as next month, a US think-tank said Friday. The closely-followed 38 North website of the Johns Hopkins University's US-Korea Institute said recent satellite imagery showed gantry modifications at the Sohae launch site in northwest North Korea were almost finished.

SpaceX's next cargo mission to space station is Mar 16

The next cargo supply mission to the International Space Station by the US company SpaceX has been set for March 16, NASA said Wednesday. SpaceX's unmanned Dragon capsule will launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 4:41 am (0941 GMT) on its third trip ferrying supplies and equipment to the orbiting lab, the US space agency said in a tweet. Owned by Internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, SpaceX became the first commercial entity to reach the space station with its Dragon cargo ship in 2012.

A list of key events in the life of Phoenix Sinclair, who was killed at age five

WINNIPEG - Key events in the life of Phoenix Sinclair, who was beaten to death at the age of five after being returned to her mother by social workers: — April 23, 2000. Phoenix Victoria Hope Sinclair is born to Samantha Kematch and Steve Sinclair. Both young parents have a history of violence and are unprepared to care for the baby. Phoenix is taken into foster care.

Long lunar night wait for China's malfunctioning Jade Rabbit moon rover

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese scientists will have to wait until the end of a long lunar night, lasting about 14 earth days, to see if repair efforts on the country's first moon rover, dubbed Jade Rabbit, were successful, state media said. Jade Rabbit began experiencing "mechanical control abnormalities" on Saturday when entering the lunar night, which exposes the surface to extreme cold over about 14 earth days. The rover is supposed to shut down during that period.

U.S. should consider re-design of missile defense system: report

By Andrea Shalal-Esa WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Missile Defense Agency should consider redesigning a key part of its ground-based missile defense system after a series of test failures in recent years, the Pentagon's chief arms tester said in a new report due to be released Wednesday.

'Goodnight, humans': China's Jade Rabbit moon rover posting

Chinese Internet users flooded the country's social media networks on Monday with condolences for the troubled Jade Rabbit moon rover, which experienced a "mechanical control abnormality" over the weekend. State-run media reported on Saturday that the country's first moon rover had run into trouble due to "the complicated lunar surface environment". By Monday afternoon, "Jade Rabbit lunar rover" had shot to the top of the most-searched terms list on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter. "Little bunny, we're praying for you!" one Web user wrote.

China's Jade Rabbit moon rover has 'abnormality'

China's Jade Rabbit moon rover has experienced a "mechanical control abnormality", state media said Saturday, in what appears to be a setback for a landmark mission in the country's ambitious space programme. The abnormality occurred due to "the complicated lunar surface environment," the official Xinhua news agency said, citing the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (SASTIND). Scientists were "organising an overhaul", the report added, without giving further details.
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