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Ex-U.S. magistrate who changed baby's name from 'Messiah' censured

By Tim Ghianni NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters) - A former Tennessee magistrate who ruled last summer that a baby could not be called "Messiah" because that name was reserved for Jesus Christ was censured on Monday for bias. Lu Ann Ballew was found guilty of violating judicial canons regarding impartiality and bias by a six-member panel of the Tennessee Judicial Board of Conduct. She was fired in January after being cited for religious bias in her decision.

Angels have no wings, says Catholic 'angelologist'

Angels exist, but don't have wings and are more like shards of light, at least according to a top Catholic Church "angelologist" who says the heavenly beings are now back in vogue thanks to New Age religions. "There is a re-discovery of angels in Christianity," Father Renzo Lavatori told AFP on the sidelines of a conference on angels in a lavishly-frescoed Renaissance palace in Rome.

Proposed logos for Cda's 150th birthday get mixed reviews from focus groups

OTTAWA - Proposed logos for Canada's 150th birthday are getting decidedly mixed reviews from the first Canadians to see them, with some complaining one looks too much like a hockey puck and another is too Disneyland. There were also complaints about a military theme conjured by a badge-like logo, while another retro design was slammed as too boring. Those are the impressions of nine focus groups in Chilliwack, B.C., Mississauga, Ont., and Montreal to proposed logos that the Canadian Heritage Department is shopping around to prepare for the 2017 anniversary of Confederation.

Church of England paves way for women bishops in 2014

By Belinda Goldsmith LONDON (Reuters) - The Church of England's governing body voted overwhelmingly in favor of female bishops on Wednesday, ending a 20-year impasse that could see women ordained as senior clergy by the end of 2014. A vote on a package of measures to endorse women bishops was supported by 378 members of the General Synod while eight voted against and 25 abstained after months of behind-the-scenes talks to unite reformers and traditionalists.

Restored Rome catacomb frescoes add to debate on women priests

By Philip Pullella ROME (Reuters) - Proponents of a female priesthood say frescoes in the newly restored Catacombs of Priscilla prove there were women priests in early Christianity. The Vatican says such assertions are sensationalist "fairy tales". The catacombs, on Rome's Via Salaria, have been fully reopened after a five-year project that included laser technology to clean some of the ancient frescoes and a new museum to house restored marble fragments of sarcophagi.

Tennessee judge cited for ordering baby's name changed from Messiah

By Tim Ghianni NASHVILLE (Reuters) - A Tennessee judge who ordered a baby's name changed from Messiah to Martin, saying the former was reserved for Jesus Christ, has been cited by a court panel for an inappropriate religious bias in violation of the state judicial code of conduct.

Column: Grand-dad, what's a rate hike?

By James Saft (Reuters) - Like corded telephones, it is looking like our grandchildren will someday need to have the concept of rate hikes explained to them. Seriously, someone needs to put a Federal Reserve statement with an interest rate hike into a time capsule so future civilizations can know that once upon a time monetary policy could become something known as 'tighter'. And as for the taper, which only recently we were expecting, that too may take quite a while.

Welsh Anglicans vote to allow women bishops

LONDON (Reuters) - The Anglican Church in Wales voted on Thursday to allow the ordination of women bishops, putting pressure on the Church of England, the last part of Britain and Ireland to hold onto the men-only rule. Disagreements over whether women can become bishops and over gay relationships have roiled the 80-million strong Anglican Communion - the world's third largest Christian grouping after the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Welsh Anglicans pass women bishops, put pressure on England

Women will be allowed to become bishops in Anglican churches in Wales following a vote on Thursday, a decision that puts pressure on the Church of England which has rejected such a move. Campaigners called the move long overdue, arguing the exclusion of women from the top roles made the church less relevant in the modern world. The decision will increase pressure on their English counterparts to follow suit, given that Scotland and Northern Ireland already allow female bishops. The issue is due to be discussed again in England in November.

US judge orders name change for baby called Messiah

A judge in the southern US state of Tennessee has ordered parents who named their son Messiah to change it. "The word Messiah is a title and it's a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ," Judge Lu Ann Ballew said in the ruling last week, according to the newspaper The Tennessean. The parents of the seven month old boy had gone to court because they could not decide what the child's last name would be -- the father's or the mother's.
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