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British city probes Muslim takeover of schools 'plot'

Britain's second city Birmingham launched a probe Monday into an alleged hardline Muslim plot to take control of schools. The city council said it had appointed a chief adviser to examine at least 200 complaints as the investigation widened to 25 schools from an initial four. Concerns about how some of the 430 schools in the central English city were being run first emerged last year in a leaked anonymous letter which outlined how to implement what it called Operation Trojan Horse.

Funeral in Missouri for soldier killed at Fort Hood

ROLLA, Missouri (Reuters) - Mourners gathered in Rolla, Missouri, on Saturday for the funeral of one of three U.S. soldiers killed in a shooting rampage at the Fort Hood Army base earlier this month. Friends and family of Iraq war veteran Timothy Owens, 37, a native of Effingham, Illinois, attended a private service at First Baptist Church. Outside the church, several dozen motorcyclists, many of them veterans, prepared to escort the hearse to the cemetery.

Obama returns to Fort Hood for second memorial service in five years

By Steve Holland and Lisa Maria Garza FORT HOOD, Texas (Reuters) - As the U.S. flag snapped at half-staff in a stiff breeze, President Barack Obama for the second time in five years attended a solemn memorial service on Wednesday for victims of a tragic shooting at Fort Hood Army base.

Fort Hood gunman fired at least 35 shots in eight minutes

A troubled US soldier shot his semi-automatic pistol at least 35 times during an eight-minute killing spree at the Fort Hood military base, investigators said Monday. Army Criminal Investigation Command spokesman Chris Grey said Specialist Ivan Lopez killed three people and wounded 16 after an argument over his request for leave. Grey did not, however, indicate whether officials had granted Lopez's request. The shooting took place in an area equivalent to two city blocks, as Lopez proceeded to shoot from his slowly moving vehicle after the argument.

U.S. lawmaker urges easing gun rules on bases after Fort Hood shooting

By Jon Herskovitz AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers should look at arming commanders and easing restrictions for carrying weapons on military posts in the United States in the wake of a deadly shooting at the Fort Hood base in Texas, a prominent congressman said on Sunday.

U.S. Army seeks motive for Fort Hood shooting rampage

The base was the scene of a shooting rampage in 2009 in which a former Army psychiatrist killed 13 people and wounded 32 others.

Factbox: Fort Hood shooting is the latest at U.S. military bases

(Reuters) - A U.S. Army soldier on Wednesday opened fire in two administration buildings on the Fort Hood Army base in Texas, killing three service members and injuring 16 others before taking his own life. Army officials on Thursday identified Specialist Ivan Lopez, 34, as the suspect in what was the biggest mass shooting at the base since 2009. A list of other recent and deadly shootings on U.S. military bases follows.

US army probes mental health of new Fort Hood shooter

US investigators were on Thursday studying the background of a troubled soldier who launched a deadly shooting rampage on his Texas base before turning the gun on himself. The shooting at Fort Hood revived memories of a 2009 attack by a US officer turned Islamist extremist, but Pentagon officials said this week's shooter was not a terrorist but a troubled individual. The soldier, a 34-year-old private, had served in Iraq and was being evaluated for possible Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but his superiors said they had seen no sign he posed any danger.

Suspected Fort Hood shooter showed no suicidal tendencies-U.S. Army Secretary

(Reuters) - The suspected shooter who killed three people at the U.S. Army base in Fort Hood before killing himself was being seen by a psychiatrist and showed no signs of violence or suicidal tendencies, U.S. Army Secretary John McHugh said on Thursday. McHugh also told a U.S. Senate committee there was no indication that the soldier was involved with any extremist organizations. (Reporting by Jon Herskovitz; Editing by Paul Thomasch)

Main points of new Fort Hood shooting

The latest random shooting in the epidemic of gun violence in America began with a depressed, angst-ridden Iraq war veteran shooting at colleagues at an army base in Texas and ended with him taking his own life. The tragedy that claimed four lives and wounded 16 other people unfolded Wednesday night at Fort Hood, a sprawling installation that was devastated by a shooting rampage in 2009 that left 13 dead and more than 30 wounded.
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