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Libya says will bomb North Korea-flagged tanker if it ignores orders

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libya will bomb a North Korea-flagged oil tanker trying to load crude at an eastern port controlled by armed protesters if the vessel fails to follow orders from the navy, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said on Saturday. "The tanker will be bombed if it doesn't follow orders when leaving (the port). This will be an environmental disaster," Zeidan told reporters, calling the docking of the tanker a criminal act violating Libyan's sovereignty.

Libya port protesters say will respond to attempts to stop oil sales

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Armed protesters controlling eastern Libyan ports will respond to any central government attempts to stop them selling oil independently after a North Korean-flagged tanker docked at one of the ports they hold, a leader said on Saturday. Abb-Rabbo Albarassi, self-declared prime minister of Libya's eastern autonomy movement, said protesters had no plans for secession but demanded 15 percent of national oil sale revenues to go to their region.

11 Die in plane crash in Tunisia

Tunis, Feb 21 (EFE).- All 11 people on board were killed Friday when a Libyan medical plane crashed northwest of the Tunisian capital, authorities said. The plane was carrying two patients to Tunis for treatment, Libyan Transport Minister Abdelqader Mohammed said. Also aboard the Soviet-made Antonov 26 were three physicians and six crew members, a Tunisian official spokesman said. The aircraft took off from a military airfield near Tripoli.

Poor turnout in Libyan vote for constitution-drafting body

By Ulf Laessing and Ghaith Shennib TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libyans trickled to the polls on Thursday to elect an assembly to draft a constitution, with the paltry turnout reflecting deep political disillusion with the chaos pervading Libya since Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year rule ended in 2011. Less than 498,000 people cast ballots, the election commission said, out of one million who had registered to vote - a number far lower than the three million who did so before the 2012 parliamentary election.

Libyan turmoil since February 2011

Following are key events in the three turbulent years since the start of an uprising which brought down Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi: -- 2011-- - February 15-17: Protests against Kadhafi begin, in particular in the eastern city of Benghazi where soldiers fire on the crowd on the 19th. - March 19: With UN approval, a coalition led by Britain, France and the United States launches an offensive against Kadhafi's forces.

Blasts rock TV station in Libyan capital

The Tripoli headquarters of Libya's Alassema privately owned television channel was attacked early Wednesday, with three powerful blasts heard, an AFP journalist said. A source at the broadcaster said three rocket-propelled grenades were fired at the building, and that a guard was lightly wounded. The journalist also heard gunfire in the area for several minutes shortly after midnight before the explosions rocked the complex in the Gurji district near central Tripoli. Transmission of programmes was not affected.

Libya PM says he ordered troops towards occupied ports weeks ago

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said on Monday he had given orders to move troops toward eastern ports occupied by protesters, but said deployment of the military was now in the hands of the army command. Zeidan gave no further details, but he has repeatedly warned he may use force to free up three key ports where protesters demanding more autonomy from Tripoli have cut off around 600,000 barrels per day of oil exports since summer.

Libyan deputy prime minister survives assassination attempt in Tripoli

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libya's Deputy Prime Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim survived an assassination attempt in the capital Tripoli on Wednesday, the prime minister's office said. Gunmen opened fire when Abdulkarim was about to enter the interior ministry, which he also heads, officials in the prime minister's office said. (Reporting by Ghaith Shennib and Feras Bosalum; Writing by Ulf Laessing; Editing by John Stonestreet)

Five kidnapped Egypt diplomats freed in Libya: Tripoli government

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Five Egyptian diplomats kidnapped in Tripoli in retaliation for Egypt's arrest of a Libyan militia commander have been freed, Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Abdul Razak Al-Grady said on Sunday. "All them have been freed," he told Reuters, without detailing how they were released. Gunman snatched four diplomatic staff from their homes in the Libyan capital on Saturday, including the cultural attaché, and kidnapped another on Friday, forcing Cairo to evacuate its embassy and its Benghazi consulate.

Egypt says evacuates Libya embassy, Benghazi consulate after kidnappings

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Egypt evacuated its embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli and the consulate in Benghazi as a precautionary measure after five of its diplomatic staff were kidnapped, a foreign ministry spokesman told Al-Arabiya news channel on Saturday. (Reporting by Ahmed Tolba and Ulf Laessing, editing by Patrick Markey)
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