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Somalia's Shebab in major attack on presidential palace

Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels launched a major suicide commando attack on Friday against the heavily-fortified presidential palace, home to the country's internationally-backed government, police and witnesses said. A huge car bomb exploded at the perimeter of the central Mogadishu complex, and a group of around a dozen suicide attackers breached the Villa Somalia compound. Shebab rebels immediately claimed responsibility.

Suicide attack in Kabul against government bus, four dead

A suicide attacker killed at least four people in Kabul on Sunday when he targeted a Ministry of Defence bus, officials said, confirming three people in the vehicle and one female by-stander had died. "The bomber was on foot when he detonated himself next to a bus carrying Ministry of Defence staff to work," interior ministry spokesman Seddiq Seddiqi told AFP. sak/bgs/lm

Suicide bomber targets police bus in Kabul, four injured

A suicide bomber riding a bicycle targeted a police bus in Kabul on Sunday causing several injuries, a police spokesman told AFP, as early details of the attack were confirmed. "A suicide bomber riding a bicycle targeted a police bus," Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanakzai told AFP. "According to our initial information, at least four people were wounded and have been taken to hospital." mam/bgs/erf

Suicide bomber kills 10 near Baquba: Iraq police

A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle on Thursday near car dealerships in Baladruz, near the city of Baquba, killing 10 people, police and a doctor said. The blast in Baladruz also wounded 20 people, the sources said. str/wd/al

Male suicide bomber believed behind Russian trolleybus blast

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian investigators said they believe a male suicide bomber carried out an attack that killed at least 14 people on a trolleybus in the southern city of Volgograd on Monday. "It is now possible to preliminarily say that the explosive device was set off by a suicide bomber - a man whose body fragments have been collected and sent for genetic testing," the federal Investigative Committee said in a statement. (Reporting by Lidia Kelly and Alissa de Carbonnel; Writing by Steve Gutterman)

Russia attack caused by suicide bomber, toll up to 14

A deadly bombing on a packed trolleybus in the Russian city of Volgograd was caused by a male suicide bomber, investigators said Monday, as the official death toll rose to 14 people. "The explosives were detonated by a male suicide bomber, fragments of whose body have been found," the Investigative Committee said, adding that the kind of explosive used showed the trolleybus attack and a deadly strike Sunday on Volgograd train station could have been jointly planned.

Jihadist group claims Egypt police HQ suicide bombing

An Al-Qaeda-inspired group based in Egypt's Sinai Wednesday claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing of a police headquarters north of Cairo that killed 15 people, the deadliest such attack since president Mohamed Morsi's overthrow. "Your brothers in Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, with the grace of God, were able to target the Daqhaleya police headquarters," the group said of Tuesday's attack, in a statement posted on Islamist forums. It said the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber identified as "Abu Maryam".

Iraq journalists killed in suicide assault on TV

Four suicide bombers attacked a local television station headquarters north of Baghdad on Monday, killing two journalists, police officers said. Security forces have launched an assault to clear the Salaheddin television building, the officers said. strs-mah/wd/al

New suicide bombing against pilgrims kills 8 in Iraq

A suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt among Shiite pilgrims walking south of Baghdad on Thursday, killing eight people, officials said. The blast in Yusifiyah, the third attack to strike Iraq on Thursday, also wounded at least 32 others. mah/wd/al

Suicide bombing against Shiites kills 10 in Iraq

A suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt among Shiite pilgrims in the Iraqi capital on Thursday, killing 10 people, security officials said. The attack in the Dura area of south Baghdad took place at a tent where pilgrims are served food and drinks on their way to the shrine city of Karbala, the officials said. ak/wd/kir
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