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Report says benefits for same-sex partners expanding in wake of Supreme Court marriage ruling

SAN FRANCISCO - Corporate support for gay and transgender rights is reaching workers in new corners of the country and economy six months after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal Defence of Marriage Act, according to a new report card from the nation's largest LGBT advocacy group. The Human Rights Campaign found that more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies and 90 per cent of all large employers it surveyed are offering health insurance and other spousal benefits to same-sex domestic partners of their employees.

In Argentina, pregnant groom weds in a legal first

The bride was born a man. The groom was born a woman. And when the Argentine couple wed Friday, it was the first time here that a groom tied the knot pregnant. Argentina in 2010 was the first country in Latin America to allow same-sex marriage. And two years later, it passed a law allowing transsexuals to get national IDs listing the gender with which they identify themselves.

Croatia gays say marriage referendum major setback

After six years together, Hana and Iva both decided they had met "the one" -- but the Croatian couple's dream of getting married and having children risks being derailed by a referendum to outlaw same-sex marriage. Conservative values hold sway in predominantly Catholic Croatia, where a vote to be held Sunday on banning gay marriage has been called a major setback for homosexual rights.

Thousands march in Taiwan for same-sex marriage

Tens of thousands of people rallied in Taiwan on Saturday in Asia's largest gay parade, organizers said, as the island's parliament was set to review a bill on same-sex marriages.

Australian territory passes first same-sex marriage law

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Australian Capital Territory became the first jurisdiction in Australia to legalize same-sex marriage with a bill passing the ACT parliament by just one vote on Tuesday. Under the law, same-sex couples from across Australia will be able to marry in the ACT, which includes the national capital Canberra, after giving four weeks notice.

Gay rights activists stage first Montenegro march

By Petar Komnenic PODGORICA (Reuters) - Montenegrins staged their first gay pride march on Sunday in the capital under heavy police guard, part of the Balkan state's efforts to bolster its application to join the European Union by showing its commitment to human rights. After a tense but incident-free march by around 150 people, guarded by almost 2,000 police, scuffles broke out in several places between police and people opposed to same sex rights. Police used teargas to disperse them, a Reuters reporter said.

Hostility toward gays still rife in the Balkans

When he told his parents that he was gay, Djordje was kicked out of his home in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. "You will not live like this under my roof," his mother told him, recalled Djordje, a young man with blue eyes, brown hair and a short beard. "Either you change yourself or leave this house." Djordje, 23, later lost his job at a publishing company after the owner saw holiday photographs of him and his partner that he posted on his Facebook page.

Olympics: In Russia's Sochi, gays oppose boycott calls

While Western gay activists call for an outright boycott of the Winter Olympics in Sochi over a homophobic new law, the Russian city's discreet gay community wants athletes to compete -- and wear rainbow shirts. In New York gay and lesbian activists have poured Russian vodka down the drain and urged nations to boycott the 2014 Winter Games after President Vladimir Putin in June signed a law banning the dissemination of "propaganda" on homosexuality to minors.

Clinic for transgender youth opens at Toronto's Sick Kids hospital

TORONTO - A new Toronto clinic for transgender youth is seeing its first patients today. The clinic at Sick Kids hospital has officially opened and administrators say it will help fill an important gap in care for teens with gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is diagnosed in people whose gender identity doesn't match their anatomical sex. Sick Kids says gender dysphoria is relatively rare, but increased awareness and acceptance has led more teens to identify as transgender.

Gay Montenegrins to hold second parade despite attacks

The Montenegrin capital will host a Gay Pride parade in late October in defiance of violent attacks on activists during the first such march this summer, organisers said Thursday. "Preparations are underway" to hold the march on October 20 in Podgorica, organiser Danijel Kalezic told AFP. Kalezic said the parade in Podgorica would be a "test of the authorities' will" to guarantee the rights of homosexuals in the former Yugoslav republic, which split from a union with Serbia in 2006.
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