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Look out, romantics: Half of all sexts are lies

By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a survey of college students, nearly half of those who had ever sent a sexy text had lied while doing so. Shockingly, sexters aren't always wearing or doing what they say they are, according to the new study. "This already exists in face-to-face interactions, like with orgasms it's common," lead author Michelle Drouin told Reuters Health. "I expected people would also be 'faking it' in sexts."

Japan teens collared $4 million through swindles

Three teenagers believed to be behind scams which raised $4 million are being quizzed by Japanese police, reports said Thursday. The trio, all 17, are thought to have been responsible for a rash of frauds across the country in which they have conned mostly elderly people into parting with large sums of money, reports citing police sources said. The crimes, known as "It's me" fraud, involve telephoning victims and pretending to be a family member -- for example, a son -- who is in some kind of trouble, perhaps involving debt or lawyers.

Case of Mountie charged with perjury and obstruction of justice put over to June

HARBOUR GRACE, N.L. - The case of an RCMP officer charged with perjury and obstruction of justice has been put over to June 4 in Harbour Grace, N.L. Const. Shawn Greene was charged Feb. 10 after Halifax police conducted an independent investigation into a complaint made last May. The RCMP have said the investigation focused on Greene's work while he was stationed in Harbour Grace, but have not disclosed details of the alleged offences. Greene, 34, did not appear in court Wednesday.

Supreme Court conundrum: Do you have to intend to defraud bank to be guilty of bank fraud?

WASHINGTON - The question at the Supreme Court on Tuesday was whether you have to intend to defraud a bank to be guilty of bank fraud under federal law. That question, perhaps surprisingly, has produced different answers in federal appeals courts around the country. The justices wrestled with how to arrive at a decision that would apply nationwide, amid concerns that a broad application of the federal law would sweep under it many crimes that are usually prosecuted by state authorities.

Some well-executed April Fools' Day hoaxes

TORONTO - Warning, do not trust everything you read or hear today. It's April 1, which means every headline and story should be eyed with a different level of scrutiny. Especially anything particularly quirky or jaw-dropping.

New York judge unseals guilty pleas in Dewey law firm fraud

By Karen Freifeld NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York judge on Friday unsealed the records of six former Dewey & LeBoeuf employees who pleaded guilty in connection with accounting fraud at the law firm. The records offer a fresh peek into the government's case against top executives at the defunct elite international law firm and how key witnesses might testify against them.

Report urges specialized technology to help companies track fraud

MONTREAL - Bribery and corruption are most often at the centre of company fraud, with questionable payments often listed as "gift" or "cash withdrawal," says a study by consulting firm EY. Following the money trail — who is taking money out and where it is going — is complicated and can take a suite of software and technologies to get a complete picture, the Toronto consulting firm said Thursday. That includes not just evaluating the numbers, but also key words in volumes of company emails and reports.

Ex-Dewey finance director admits accounting was false

By Karen Freifeld NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dewey & LeBoeuf's ex-finance director pleaded guilty to grand larceny last month and admitted he knew false financial statements were being provided to the firm's lenders, according to court documents unsealed on Thursday. Francis Canellas, 34, faces anywhere between no jail time and five to 15 years, the documents showed, for his role in the accounting fraud at Dewey & LeBoeuf, which became the largest U.S. law firm collapse when it went bankrupt in May 2012.

Six charged in Ontario after feds allegedly defrauded of more than $200M

TORONTO - Six Ontario residents are facing charges after RCMP say the federal taxman was allegedly defrauded of upwards of $200 million in a bogus investment scheme that stretched across the country. Police say their investigation began in April, 2012 when they received information about people involved in a possible "tax avoidance scheme." The Mounties say they have identified 493 people who participated in the alleged scheme between 2009 and 2012, and that individual investments ranged between $1,000 and $300,000.

Ex-Sentinel CEO found guilty over $500 million fraud

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) - The former chief executive officer of Sentinel Management Group Inc was found guilty on Tuesday of defrauding customers out of more than $500 million before the suburban Chicago firm collapsed in August 2007, federal prosecutors said.
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