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Taiwan delays until 2017 plan to end military conscription

Taiwan's Defense Ministry said Thursday it will delay for two years a plan to end military conscription and create a professional army in 2015. Spokesman Maj. Gen. David Lo told a press conference that while the military originally planned to replace the conscription-based service with an all-volunteer military force in 2015, low recruitment has forced it to delay the move until 2017. Lo, however, stopped short of calling the plan a failure.

Seven celebrity soldiers sent to military prison for scandalous outing

By Kim Eun-jung SEOUL, July 25 (Yonhap) — Seven celebrity soldiers who were caught on camera drinking and entering a massage parlor were sentenced to several days in a military prison for violating the military code of conduct, the defense ministry said Thursday. The soldiers faced unprecedented tough disciplinary actions after a local TV network last month secretly taped a group of soldiers on a night out.

Not entertaining the troops: South Korea scraps pop-star soldiers

The so-called "entertainment soldiers" serve in the Defense Media Agency (DMA), a unit that has provided programming for TV and radio broadcasts to promote a positive image of the military since 1997.

(News Focus) Military service incentive re-emerges as hot-button issue in S. Korea

By Kim Eun-jung SEOUL, June 17 (Yonhap) -- A move by conservative lawmakers and the defense ministry to revive incentives for job applicants with military backgrounds has emerged as a hot-button issue in parliament due to a lack of consensus. All able-bodied South Korean men are obligated to serve in the military for at least two years as the country still remains at war with North Korea after the Korean War ended in a ceasefire 60 years ago.

Austrians may defy European trend and keep military draft

* Austrians vote Sunday on whether to end conscription * Polls show those who want to keep it in the lead * Some fear impact of ending compulsory civil service * Experts say professional soldiers suited to modern warfare By Adrian Croft
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