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Rebel dancer takes Moscow theatre to new heights

Sergei Polunin admits money and fame can be an addiction. He says his hero is bad-boy actor Mickey Rourke. He does not much like rehearsing and sometimes prefers not to show up. Yet the Ukrainian, 23, is now arguably the hottest young ballet dancer on the planet, with an impeccable classical technique, astounding jumps and a natural gift for acting. In 2012 he caused a sensation by walking out on the Royal Ballet of Covent Garden in London, which had nurtured his career since his teens and where he had shot to stardom.

Bolshoi director confronts alleged acid attacker in court

By Maria Tsvetkova MOSCOW (Reuters) - The artistic director of Russia's Bolshoi ballet told a Moscow court on Wednesday that a dancer accused of plotting an acid attack that nearly blinded him had spread false accusations that he had love affairs with ballerinas. The poisonous backstage rivalries that may have led to the January 17 attack flared up again in court as Sergei Filin, his damaged eyes shielded by dark glasses, made an emotional first appearance at the trial of Bolshoi dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko and two co-defendants.

Bolshoi ballet chief confronts alleged attacker in court

The artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet Sergei Filin on Wednesday dramatically confronted the former dancer accused of plotting to blind him with acid, rejecting allegations of an affair with a top young ballerina. Filin, who nearly lost his sight in an acid attack early this year, took to the witness stand in the trial of former Bolshoi soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko who is charged with planning the assault. In a stunningly frank testimony, Filin denied favouring ballerinas based on any "intimate relations" and said he cannot forgive anyone behind the attack.

Attacked Bolshoi ballet chief to testify 'with doctor'

The artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet Sergei Filin, who nearly lost his sight in an acid attack early this year, was due Wednesday to give testimony in the trial of his suspected assailants under medical supervision, his lawyer said. Filin decided to go through with the highly anticipated testimony in the case against the purported organiser of the attack, former Bolshoi soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko, even though he is still recovering. "A doctor will accompany Sergei Filin and observe him (at the trial)," lawyer Natalia Zhukova told AFP.

Bolshoi dancer pleads not guilty in acid attack trial

A Bolshoi ballet dancer pleaded not guilty Tuesday at the high-profile trial in Moscow over a horrific acid attack on the troupe's artistic director Sergei Filin. "I don't understand the essence of the charge. I do not confess my guilt in full," leading soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko told a Moscow district court. An attacker flung sulphuric acid in Filin's face outside his apartment building in January, causing serious burns to his eyes and skin.

Russian Bolshoi dancer denies ordering acid attack as trial starts

By Maria Tsvetkova MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to ordering an acid attack that nearly blinded the Bolshoi ballet's artistic director, and a jobless former convict accused of carrying it out told a court he had acted alone. Guards brought Dmitrichenko and the suspected attacker, Yuri Zarutsky, handcuffed into a Moscow court room and locked them in a metal cage with a third defendant at the start of a case that has tarnished the reputation of a prime Russian cultural symbol.

Bolshoi ballet dancer denies guilt at acid attack trial

By Maria Tsvetkova and Gabriela Baczynska MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko denied any guilt as he went on trial on Tuesday over an acid attack that nearly blinded the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet. Dmitrichenko, 29, was led into a Moscow courtroom in handcuffs to face trial for the assault last winter that exposed bitter rivalries behind the scenes at one of Russia's great cultural institutions.

Bolshoi dancer in dock as acid attack trial adjourned

A Bolshoi dancer and two co-defendants appeared in a caged dock on Tuesday accused of staging an acid attack on the head of the famed Moscow ballet troupe, before their trial was adjourned. The Meshchansky District Court in Moscow postponed until next Tuesday the start of full hearings in the case due to the absence of the lawyer of one of the three defendants. Former Bolshoi soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko faces up to 12 years in prison on charges of planning the January 17 assault against his former boss, the artistic director Sergei Filin.

Bolshoi ballet dancer to stand trial over acid attack

By Gabriela Baczynska MOSCOW (Reuters) - Dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko, who made his name on stage at Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre, goes on trial on Tuesday for an acid attack that nearly blinded the ballet's artistic director. Dmitrichenko, 29, is accused of organizing the assault on Sergei Filin early this year which exposed bitter rivalries behind the scenes at one of Russia's greatest cultural institutions.

Bolshoi dancer goes on trial over acid attack

A Bolshoi dancer accused of organising a horrific acid attack against the famed Moscow ballet company's artistic director went on trial Wednesday, with hearings expected to shed more light on infighting inside the troupe. Soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko faces up to 12 years in prison after being charged with planning a January assault against his former boss Sergei Filin. He is being held in detention along with Yury Zarutsky -- accused of flinging a mix of sulfuric acid and urine in Filin's face -- and a driver who drove the assailant to the scene named Andrei Lipatov.
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