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Hong Kong quarantines 19 people over second bird flu case

Hong Kong on Saturday quarantined an additional 19 people after the city confirmed its second human case of the deadly H7N9 bird flu, less than five days after it confirmed its first, officials said. The 19 people were close contacts of the second carrier of H7N9 in the city -- an 80-year-old Hong Kong man who had been living in the neighbouring mainland Chinese city of Shenzhen. The man developed a fever and was found to be infected with the virus on Friday after he was admitted to the city's Tuen Mun hospital on Tuesday due to underlying medical conditions.

Philippine airports on alert for bird flu

Philippine airports on alert for bird flu MANILA, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- The Philippine government has alerted airport authorities to ensure that the deadly bird flu H7N9 could not enter the country following the recent discovery of first case in Hong Kong, the Philippines' Department of Health ( DOH) said Wednesday. DOH spokesman Dr. Eric Tayag said the Philippines is still bird flu free at present, but Philippine "airports screen inbound travelers for fever so that early isolation can be done early."

Iran warns of soaring AIDS cases

The number of AIDS cases in Iran has soared over the past two decades, Health Minister Hassan Hashemi said Monday, warning the Islamic republic can not ignore the problem. "This disease has increased by 80 percent annually, which is much higher than the rise in inflation or rents," he said, quoted in Shahrvand newspaper. Hashemi criticised Iran's hush-hush policy on AIDS. Extra-marital sex is strictly prohibited in Iran, punishable by whipping and imprisonment.

Kenya joins world in marking AIDS Day

Kenya joins world in marking AIDS Day MOMBASA, Kenya, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Kenya joined the rest of the international community on Sunday in marking the World AIDS Day amid calls for concerted efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The celebrations which were held in the coastal city of Mombasa saw the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta declare war against the pandemic amid fears that the rate of infections remained high despite efforts to contain it.

Greece observes World Aids Day with encouraging data, rejecting "unfounded reports"

By Maria Spiliopoulou ATHENS, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- World AIDS Day was observed in Greece on Sunday with public awareness campaigns, encouraging data on the trend of HIV infections in the country and a strong dismissal of "unfounded reports" that drug-addicts, desperate amidst the debt crisis which has hit the country, intentionally infect themselves with the virus to claim benefits.

Roundup: Number of AIDS-infected people rises in Sudan

Roundup: Number of AIDS-infected people rises in Sudan KHARTOUM, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- The number of Sudanese people infected with AIDS is up amid low level of awareness about the threats of the disease as well as means of its transmission and prevention from it, according to Sudan's official statistics. "The AIDS infection rate among Sudanese people hit 79,514 cases, 8,516 of them are new cases. Additionally, 5,417 AIDS-related death cases have been registered during 2013," said Sudan's Health Ministry in a statement on the occasion of the World AIDS Day.

World AIDS day observed in Pakistan

World AIDS day observed in Pakistan ISLAMABAD, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan observed World Aids Day on Sunday with an aim to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to provide best possible medical treatment to the infected people. Various events were organized by the government and private sector to express solidarity with the people suffering from the fatal disease.

HIV/AIDS cases increase in Afghanistan

HIV/AIDS cases increase in Afghanistan KABUL, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- The number of HIV/AIDS positive cases has increased in 2013 as compared to last year in Afghanistan, a statement of Public Health Ministry released here on Sunday said. "At least 162 cases of HIV/AIDS positive have been registered across the country during the current year against 117 cases which were recorded last year," the statement issued here to mark the World Aids Day, added. There are 1,529 cases of HIV/AIDS positive in the country, according to the statement.

AFPTV Agenda

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U.N.: LatAm making progress against HIV/AIDS, seniors a new concern

San Salvador, Nov 30 (EFE).- Latin America is making progress in fighting HIV/AIDS, though fear still exists about warning young people about its risks, and its prevention among older adults must definitely be stepped up, a U.N. official said. Despite the difficulties in some countries, Latin America is the region in the world that provides the highest proportion of AIDS treatment coverage, Cesar Nuñez, the director of the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS for Latin America, said in an interview with Efe.
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