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LightSquared asks court not to re-open trial with Ergen

By Dena Aubin NEW YORK (Reuters) - Broadband company LightSquared has urged a judge not to re-open a trial that ended last week over Dish Network Corp Chairman Charles Ergen's purchase of LightSquared debt, saying it would delay resolution of LightSquared's bankruptcy proceedings. In a court filing on Friday, lawyers for LightSquared said the company should not have to bear the "tremendous cost" in money, time and distraction and have its efforts to emerge from bankruptcy imperiled.

US coalition calls for expansion of Wi-Fi airwaves

A newly formed coalition of US technology firms and advocacy groups called Thursday for the expansion of Wi-Fi, saying airwaves are getting congested for a key pathway to the Internet. The new coalition calling for expansion of unlicensed, or free spectrum for Wi-Fi includes Google, Microsoft, Comcast, the Consumer Electronics Association and other companies and organizations. "In the United States, more Internet traffic is carried over Wi-Fi than any other path," the coalition said in a statement.

Falcone says he didn't know Ergen was buying LightSquared debt

By Nick Brown NEW YORK (Reuters) - Phil Falcone, the billionaire investor whose Harbinger Capital Partners owns wireless satellite company LightSquared, said Thursday he expended considerable energy in 2012 and 2013 trying to work out who was buying up LightSquared's debt. The purchases, which later turned out to have been made by Dish Network Corp Chairman Charles Ergen, are at the center of a trial in the U.S. bankruptcy court in New York this week.

Ottawa sets up next spectrum auction to favour small players in telecom industry

The Conservative government wants Canada's smaller telecoms and Internet companies to increase their wireless spectrum and plans to foster that goal in another auction next year that include rules to limit how much big players such as Rogers and Bell can buy. Industry Minister James Moore said Friday that the government will auction licences for 2500 megahertz spectrum in April 2015 as it continues to promote lower telecom bills for consumers.

Sprint, Dish to test wireless broadband offering with trial in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 2014

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Sprint and Dish Network are collaborating on a wireless broadband service targeting underserved areas. The trial in Corpus Christi, Texas, will involve Sprint Corp.'s 4G LTE network and will begin in mid-2014. Dish Network Corp. will install equipment for households to tap the cellular network for basic high-speed Internet services.

Nepal Telecom introduces fresh tariff for public Wi-Fi services

Nepal Telecom introduces fresh tariff for public Wi-Fi services KATHMANDU, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- Nepal Telecom (NT), the government- owned telecommunication service provider, has on Tuesday fixed a fresh tariff rate for its public Wi-Fi Internet services that it had been offering free of cost so far. As per the fresh tariff rate, the consumers will have to pay Rs 10 Nepalese currency (0.10 US dollars) to use the Wi-Fi for an hour, according to the NT officials.

FCC to wireless carriers: agree on phone unlocking policy or face rules

By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top telecommunications regulator on Thursday demanded that wireless providers voluntarily agree on the rights of consumers to unlock mobile devices once contracts end, or the Federal Communications Commission will make it a rule. At issue is whether cellphone buyers, who often get new devices at a heavily subsidized price in return for committing to long-term contracts, should be able to take their gadgets with them when they change carriers.

Give rural Canada more high-speed Internet or lose unused spectrum: government

Telecom companies hoarding airwaves that could be used to provide more high-speed Internet service to rural Canadians have been given a warning by the federal government: 'Use it or lose it.' Industry Minister James Moore said Thursday that the government will reclaim some spectrum licences up for renewal next year if the telecom companies haven't deployed them. "Those that have not used the spectrum will lose it," Moore said in a statement.

'Super Wi-Fi' heading for US campuses

So-called "Super Wi-Fi," a new kind of wireless broadband, got a boost Thursday with the announcement that the technology would become available to hundreds of US colleges and universities. Declaration Networks, a company working with colleges and non-profit groups, said it is now starting to offer the service to 500 schools around the United States. The technology is often referred to as "Super Wi-Fi," although some wireless providers point out it uses a different frequency for transmission than what most people use in cafes and in home networks.

Preview - Dish likely to keep wireless strategy under wraps for months

By Sinead Carew and Liana B. Baker NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dish Network Corp's billionaire chairman Charlie Ergen is likely to keep investors in suspense for at least a few more months over how he'll put to work the billions of dollars worth of wireless spectrum he's amassed.
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