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Americans reap a bounty of advice on Thanksgiving wine

By Leslie Gevirtz NEW YORK (Reuters) - As Americans search for that perfect wine to complement the traditional Thanksgiving feast, experts smile, give a slight shake of their heads and say, just drink what you like. With so many different competing flavors at the Thanksgiving table, including the turkey, wines can be matched to the cranberry dressing, or even the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes, according to Doug Frost, a wine consultant for United Airlines.

High hopes for Japan's wine in the old world

A thousand years ago, a vine that had travelled from the Caspian Sea coast along Asia's Silk Road arrived in Japan, where its fruit was heralded as having unique medicinal purposes. Now the "Koshu grape" fills terraces on the foothills of Mount Fuji, where those in the know say it makes a pretty decent and uniquely Japanese white wine that industry leaders say they intend to export to the West. "The Koshu grape is well suited to the climate," said winemaker Naoki Watanabe. "Its skin is thicker than other varieties to better withstand the heavy rainfall we get here."

Frozen grapes gathered under stars make Canada's icewine

Malivoire, one of the Niagara region's boutique wineries, picks its icewine grapes by hand. For this annual rite of winter it relies on a corps of more than a dozen volunteers, selected by a lottery, to get the grapes off the vine and crushed at just the right moment.
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