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High-ranking U.S. military officer to stand trial for sex charges

By Kelly Twedell FORT BRAGG, North Carolina (Reuters) - Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair's court-martial on a sexual assault charge that could send him to prison for life gets underway on Tuesday, one of the few such proceedings against a top U.S. military officer in recent decades. Sinclair, 51, is accused of twice forcing oral sex during a three-year extramarital affair he admitted to having with a junior female officer, including during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sex crimes trial of Army general highlights U.S. military justice

By Colleen Jenkins WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina (Reuters) - The rare court-martial of a U.S. Army general charged with sex crimes will delve into explicit details of his adulterous affair with a female captain in two war zones, and alleged inappropriate email exchanges with several other subordinates.

French court acquits priest on rape charge

A French court on Thursday acquitted a 69-year-old priest charged with raping a devout and vulnerable parishioner. Daniel Lagnien, 69, was accused of taking advantage of a 39-year-old woman described as psychologically frail with no sexual experience, in a case with the potential to inflict further damage on the reputation of the Roman Catholic clergy after years of sexual scandals. The prosecution had alleged that Lagnien made advances to the 39-year-old virgin during a 2010 pilgrimage to a shrine in the French Alps.

Sexual assault reports surge in US military

Reports of sexual assaults in the US military jumped 60 percent last year, but officials said Wednesday the surge shows victims have more confidence their cases will be taken seriously. There have been a spate of high-profile cases in the past two years, leading to a series of initiatives and prompting President Barack Obama to express outrage over the problem and lawmakers to demand dramatic action.

Public database of child sex offenders to be part of pedophile crackdown

OTTAWA - The federal government plans to create a publicly accessible database of high-risk child sex offenders as part of a bill that takes aim at those who prey on young people. The legislation introduced Wednesday would also require registered sex offenders to provide more information when they travel abroad and permit more sharing of information between federal agencies. In addition, the bill proposes making those convicted of child sex crimes against multiple children to serve their sentences consecutively.

Britain's Hague, Jolie to chair summit on rape in war

British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Hollywood screen idol Angelina Jolie are joining forces to co-host a high-profile summit this year focused on ending rape as a weapon of war. Hague pledged Tuesday that the four-day London gathering in June would "be a summit like no other" bringing together foreign ministers from 140 countries as he was awarded the 2014 Hillary Clinton prize for Women, Peace and Security.

Kenyan county wants sex offenders castrated

Authorities in western Kenya have demanded the government pass a law allowing for rapists and other sex offenders to be castrated, saying it was struggling to cope with a spike in cases of rape, paedophilia and bestiality. Legislators in Baringo County in Kenya's Rift Valley province said current punishments were far too lenient. "We in Baringo are ready to push all the way for castration," top local health official and legislator Solomon Chemjor told AFP. "We want our country to be safe for our children. We have to protect the social family fabric in our society."

Quebec man arrested on sex charges as he leaves jail on other sentence

LONGUEUIL, Que. - A man who was being freed from prison last week after serving a year for sex crimes has been arrested on similar charges. Eduard-Stefan Georgescu was nabbed on Friday as he left Bordeaux jail. He faces 32 new charges, including armed sexual assault, sexual assault, attempted kidnapping, and weapons possession. The alleged assaults on Montreal's south shore occurred between 2007 and 2012. Eleven alleged victims have come forward but police say they are investigating the possibility there are more. The alleged victims are between 13 and 29.

No justice for child victims of Burundi's sex-traffic rings

Pamela comes from an affluent family and was doing well in one of Bujumbura's best high schools -- until two years ago. She ended up being a sex slave after meeting a group of girls when she was 14. At first they proposed that she come along when they went out, then the trips out became dates with older men who picked up the bill -- initially without asking for anything.

Florida village becomes refuge for sex offenders

Deep in the swamps of southern Florida, Miracle Village lies miles away from the nearest town, surrounded by sugar cane fields. Nearby, the irrigation canals are swarming with alligators. While the name suggests an idyllic rural getaway, the former plantation near Pahokee now is almost exclusively home to men who spent time in prison for sex crimes. "Between 115 and 120 sex offenders live here at the moment," says Pat Powers, a Miracle Village resident and its executive director.
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