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Kerry: 'It was easier' in Cold War

Secretary of State John Kerry attested Tuesday to the massively complex challenges Washington faces in Ukraine, Russia, Iran and the Middle East, declaring "it was easier" during the Cold War. In a candid moment during a State Department speech, the top US diplomat said changing global power dynamics made a quaint memory of the early East-West stalemate, when American children would "crouch under our desks at school and practice" safety steps for a possible nuclear attack.

Kerry says West 'not giving up' on Crimea

The West is "not giving up' on Crimea, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday after talks with his Russian, Ukrainian and EU counterparts. "We are not giving up but we did not come (to Geneva) to talk about Crimea," he said of the peninsula which was annexed by Russia last month. "Nobody has left behind the issue of Crimea," he added. nr-hmn/arp

Kerry warns Russia of more sanctions if no progress on Ukraine

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Russia Thursday that if there was no progress in de-escalating the crisis in Ukraine, there would be more sanctions imposed on Moscow. "If we don't see progress... there will be additional sanctions, additional costs," he told reporters after reaching an agreement in Geneva with his Russian, Ukrainian and EU counterparts. nr-mbx/hmn

Kerry lands in Geneva for crunch Ukraine talks

US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Geneva Wednesday for high-stake talks on the escalating crisis in Ukraine, which faces the threat of splitting up as the government loses control of the separatist east. Kerry is due to meet with his Russian, Ukrainian and EU counterparts on Thursday in a bid to defuse soaring tensions in the ex-Soviet satellite where pro-Russian militants that Kiev says are backed by Moscow have taken control of parts of the southeast. nr-mbx/arp

Kerry warns Russia of 'additional consequences' over Ukraine

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned his Russian counterpart Saturday that Moscow faces "additional consequences" if it fails to reduce tensions with neighboring Ukraine and pull its troops back from the border, official said. During a telephone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Kerry "made clear that if Russia did not take steps to de-escalate in eastern Ukraine and move its troops back from Ukraine's border, there would be additional consequences," a senior State Department official said. oh/mdl

Kerry suggests Israeli housing announcement triggered impasse

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suggested on Tuesday that Israel's announcement of plans to build about 700 housing units in East Jerusalem was the proximate cause for the near collapse of its peace talks with the Palestinians. However, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Kerry was not seeking to blame Israel for the impasse in the talks, which appear close to breaking down ahead of the April 29 date by which Kerry had hoped to reach a peace agreement.

Kerry: Israeli settlements led to peace talks stalemate

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday blamed approval of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem for derailing peace talks with Palestinians, a charge that pricked Israeli officials and sent aides into damage control. The Israeli government announced a major expansion of settlement construction in the West Bank last month, just as Washington was scrambling for a way to get the two sides to extend US-sponsored peace talks beyond an April 29 deadline.

Kerry says Iran 'breakout' window now seen as two months

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday the current view of the Iran "breakout" period for developing nuclear weapons capability is two months. "I think it's public knowledge today that we're operating with a time period for a so-called breakout of about two months. That's been in the public domain," Kerry testified at a Senate hearing. Iran's breakout time is defined as how long it would take it to produce fissile material for one weapon.

Kerry in danger of losing big bet on Middle East peace

John Kerry's high-stakes gamble that he could finally achieve the dream of generations and bring peace to the Middle East seems to be collapsing as easily as a house of cards. Despite a dozen visits to Israel and the West Bank since he became US secretary of state 14 months ago and many more late-night meetings with his recalcitrant partners in capitals around the world, it appears after all that he may have been trumped.

Kerry to'evaluate' next steps in peace process with Obama

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday he would "evaluate" the next steps in the Middle East peace process with President Barack Obama, warning there are "limits" to Washington's time. "This is not open-ended," Kerry told a press conference in Rabat, adding that it was "reality check" time. jkb/bpz
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