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Kerry in Vietnam on first visit as top US diplomat

US Secretary of State John Kerry Saturday attended mass at a cathedral in Vietnam, where he served during the war, in a trip aimed at shoring up Southeast Asian ties amid myriad regional tensions. Kerry, a practicing Catholic whose experiences during the Vietnam War inspired his political activism, visited the French-colonial era Notre Dame Cathedral in southern Ho Chi Minh City as he began his first official visit to the nation as the top US diplomat.

Vietnam vet Kerry returns to Mekong Delta with new enemy in sight

KIEN VANG, Vietnam - Along the winding muddy waters of the Mekong Delta where he once patrolled for communist insurgents on a naval gunboat, Secretary of State John Kerry turned his sights Sunday on a new enemy: climate change. In this remote part of southern Vietnam, rising sea waters, erosion and the impact of upstream dam development on the Mekong River are proving a more serious threat than the Viet Cong guerrillas that Kerry battled as a young lieutenant in 1968 and 1969.

Kerry renews call for Venezuela to improve ties

US Secretary of State John Kerry has again held out an olive branch to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, urging him to help improve ties between the two countries. During June talks in Guatemala with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua, Kerry said he "tried as hard as I can to articulate the potential of a new opening of a relationship with the United States." But he regretted in an excerpt of an interview to be aired Sunday that "it's been hard to see the uptake on that. We are ready and willing, and we are open to improving that relationship."

Kerry to brief full U.S. Senate on Iran on Wednesday: Senate aides

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State John Kerry will brief the full U.S. Senate on Wednesday on the status of talks with Iran, Senate aides said on Tuesday. President Barack Obama's administration is pushing lawmakers to hold off on passing any new legislation to impose more sanctions on Iran while delicate negotiations continue on curbing Tehran's nuclear program. Kerry appeared at a House of Representatives hearing on Iran on Tuesday. (Reporting by Patricia Zengerle; editing by Christopher Wilson)

Americas News Agenda for December 10

Duty Editor: Jim Mannion Tel: +1 202 414 0541 What's happening in the Americas on Tuesday: + Uruguay poised to legalize marijuana in historic vote + Kerry testifies before Congress on Iran nuclear deal MONTEVIDEO: Uruguay is set to become the first country in the world to legalize marijuana -- part of a broad strategy to combat drug trafficking -- when the senate, dominated by the ruling leftist coalition, votes on a plan proposed by the president. (URUGUAY-POLITICS-CRIME-DRUGS)

Xinhua world news summary at 0040 GMT, Dec. 5

JERUSALEM -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry landed late Wednesday evening in Israel, a spokesperson for the U.S. embassy in Israel told Xinhua. Kerry visits the region in an attempt to push forward negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, which appear to be stuck, mainly due to Israel's ongoing construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem settlements. (Israel-Kerry-Arrival) - - - -

U.S. has eyes 'wide open' to risks on Iran deal: Kerry

By Caren Bohan and Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration insisted on strong safeguards in a nuclear deal with Iran and has no illusions about the risks that the Islamic state might not follow through on its obligations, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday. Kerry sought to reassure skeptics in the Congress who worry that the six-month agreement gives Iran too much leeway and that it might end up using it as a stalling tactic.

Kerry says Iran deal will make Israel safer over next six months

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry sought on Sunday to offer assurances to Israel over the nuclear deal with Iran, saying that the agreement would make the Jewish state safer over the next six months. "Israel is threatened by what has been going on in Iran," Kerry told CNN.

'Energizer bunny' Kerry wins new diplomatic coup

John Kerry has done it again. Against the odds and confounding all expectations, the top US diplomat has pulled off a second major arms deal with a recalcitrant state in a matter of months. After marathon Geneva talks, Kerry emerged with an interim deal with Iran to roll back its nuclear program which for years has eluded the global community. It comes just weeks after a September accord brokered with Russia to eliminate Syria's declared chemical arms -- even though Damascus had refused previously to openly acknowledge that it even possessed such a toxic arsenal.

Kerry heading to Geneva for Iran nuclear talks

US Secretary of State John Kerry was Friday heading to Geneva to help bridge gaps in talks with Iran as negotiators grapple for a deal to rein in its nuclear program. After consulting with his team on the ground, and with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton who is chairing the talks, Kerry made a last-minute decision to fly to the Swiss city. "Secretary Kerry will travel to Geneva later today with the goal of continuing to help narrow the differences and move closer to an agreement," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters.
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