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Ketchup changeup: McDonald's dropping Heinz after CEO change

By Lisa Baertlein (Reuters) - World's biggest fast-food chain seeks new ketchup for its famous french fries. McDonald's Corp <MCD.N> on Friday said it plans to end its 40-year relationship with ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co, since that company is now led by Bernardo Hees, the former chief executive of hamburger rival Burger King Worldwide Inc <BKW.N>.

Brazil reports higher beef exports, eyes new markets

Brazilian beef exports have risen steadily this year, in part due to the weaker real and producers hope international trade accords will help them win new markets, notably in Asia. "Between January and September, exports surged 19.4 percent over the same period last year," according to the Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters (ABIEC). With nearly 200 million head of cattle, Brazil is the world's leading beef exporter and this year sales abroad have totaled 1.08 million tons valued at $4.8 billion, ABIEC said in a statement.

EU gives Canadian beef producers win on quota as Ottawa readies to unveil pact

OTTAWA - Canadian beef producers have been assured they will have the ability to export close to 70,000 tonnes of beef to the European Union under a new free-trade deal being unveiled Friday in Brussels. The quota is almost twice the 40,000-tonne number former EU ambassador Matthias Brinkmann said in May the Europeans were willing to concede to Canada in return for Canada opening up its market to more imports of cheese. Sources close to the industry say Canadian pork producers will be given an even bigger quota, but did not give a specific number.

NM peanut butter plant involved in a nationwide salmonella outbreak last year closes its doors

PORTALES, N.M. - An eastern New Mexico peanut butter plant involved in a nationwide salmonella outbreak last year has closed its doors and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Workers at the Sunland Inc. plant in Portales were notified Wednesday that the plant was shut down. Chapter 7 means the company shuts down and liquidates its assets. The Food and Drug Administration shuttered the plant in September 2012 after its products were linked to 41 cases in 20 states. Most of those were linked to natural peanut butter the company made.

A Crodough with your tea? London eats up new baking craze

First there was the Cronut, now there's the Dosant and the Crodough. Londoners, it seems, just can't get enough of their doughnut-croissant crossovers. From hip east London to tea rooms, high-street cafes and sky-rise restaurants, the high-calorie hybrids are flying off the shelves like the proverbial hot cakes. The craze was dreamed up earlier this year by French chef Dominique Ansel at his bakery in New York, but across the Atlantic it has taken on a life of its own.

Just what is in that chicken nugget?

By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Stand-up comedians have long joked that some things, like the actual components of chicken nuggets, are better left mysterious. Recently, Mississippi researchers found out why: two nuggets they examined consisted of 50 percent or less chicken muscle tissue, the breast or thigh meat that comes to mind when a customer thinks of "chicken."

Beef backlash: A&W say burgers come from cattle raised without growth hormones

CALGARY - Call it a beef burger backlash. A The restaurant chain says it is proud to be the first national chain to serve what it calls "better beef." A The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says its members have used what it calls safe "growth promotants" for more than 40 years that are approved by Health Canada. The association, which represents 68,500 cattle producers, says consumers who buy Canadian beef are buying the finest beef available.

Canada-EU reach tentative deal on beef and pork obstacle in free trade talks: CP

OTTAWA - Canada and the European Union have quietly reached a tentative agreement on beef and pork, one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of a comprehensive trade and investment deal. Multiple sources tell The Canadian Press the two sides recently settled on a quota that is big enough to allow Canadian meat producers to penetrate the European market, but not so big that European farmers would feel threatened. No one is talking publicly for fear the deal could unravel, falling victim to the horse-trading that characterizes the final rounds of trade negotiations.

Only a "small handful of issues left" in completing EU trade deal; Ed Fast

CALGARY - Federal International Trade Minister Ed Fast says only a few issues remain in working out a free-trade deal with the European Union. But he cautions that doesn't mean an announcement is imminent. "There's still a very, very small handful of issues left outstanding that need to be resolved," Fast said at a beef industry forum in Calgary Thursday. "As with all trade negotiations, the toughest issues get left until the very last." Negotiations on the proposed Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) started four years ago.

Radiation fears push pancakes off the Korean holiday menu

By Ju-min Park SEOUL (Reuters) - Lee Gui-ja, a South Korean housewife, will not be preparing traditional pollack pancakes for Thanksgiving celebrations this week due to worries the fish may be contaminated by radiation from Japan's leaking Fukushima nuclear reactor. Japan has sought to reassure the international community that the facility is under control but South Korea has banned fishery imports from the affected region.
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