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P&G changes position on palm oil following Greenpeace protests

The Procter The world's largest consumer products company said Tuesday that it has adopted a "no-deforestation" policy for its palm oil products. That includes working with those in its supply chain to ensure that by 2020 its products do not contribute to deforestation. The moves came after weeks of pressure from Greenpeace, which unfurled huge banners from the company's corporate offices last month. Police arrested the activists on burglary and vandalism charges.

Apple, Facebook, Google Web data centers getting greener: report

By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc, Google Inc and Facebook Inc have made significant progress in adopting renewable energy sources to power their Web services, the environmental group Greenpeace said in a report on Wednesday. But energy-hungry data centers operated by some of the Internet industry's top companies remain overly reliant on carbon-emitting coal and gas, the report said.

Greenpeace holds more protests about Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble's use of palm oil

CINCINNATI - Greenpeace activists who staged a daring demonstration at Procter The environmental group says Wednesday's protests drew attention to the company's use of palm oil from a supplier tied to tropical forest destruction. The protests included 20 activists displaying a giant banner from the top floor of P Company spokeswoman Lisa Popyk (POP'-ik) has declined to comment. Greenpeace stunned P Nine protesters have pleaded not guilty to felony burglary and vandalism charges stemming from the protest.

Greenpeace activists plead not guilty to Ohio charges from Procter & Gamble protest

CINCINNATI - Attorneys have entered not-guilty pleas for nine Greenpeace activists facing felony charges following a protest at Procter They were arrested March 4 after protesting the consumer products company's use of palm oil from a supplier Greenpeace says is tied to tropical forest destruction. Protesters slipped past security and used zip lines to unfurl giant banners from P A Hamilton County grand jury indicted them on burglary and vandalism counts carrying possible sentences of nine-plus years in prison and $20,000 in fines with convictions.

Greenpeace activists arrested in French nuclear break-in

By Patrick Genthon FESSENHEIM, France (Reuters) - French police arrested 57 Greenpeace activists who used a truck on Tuesday to ram their way into a nuclear power plant operated by EDF in eastern France, the organization said. The activists hung anti-nuclear banners from the Fessenheim plant, the oldest in operation in France. Greenpeace activists have a history of breaking into nuclear plants in France and about 30 were arrested last July after entering EDF's Tricastin plant in southern France.

Greenpeace sues Russia over Arctic Sunrise detention

Greenpeace is suing Russia before the European Court of Human Rights for detaining its members during a protest last year against Arctic drilling, the environmental lobby group said on Monday. Russian security forces in September detained 30 Greenpeace activists and journalists and seized their Arctic Sunrise ship over the protest at an offshore oil rig owned by state energy giant Gazprom. The 30, including four Russians, were detained for around two months before being bailed and then benefitting from a Kremlin-backed amnesty.

Ohio grand jury indicts 9 Greenpeace activists for Procter & Gamble banner stunt

CINCINNATI - A southwest Ohio prosecutor announced felony indictments Wednesday of nine Greenpeace activists linked to an eye-catching protest at the Procter The nine activists were arrested March 4 after protesting the consumer products company's use of palm oil from a supplier Greenpeace says is tied to tropical forest destruction in Indonesia. The activists slipped past company security and unfurled giant banners from P

Cincinnati police call for summit after P&G security breached in Greenpeace protest

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati police on Thursday called for a "security summit" of the city's businesses in the aftermath of a breach at Procter Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said it was "a wake-up call" when activists got into P A P "We take what happened the other day very seriously," the police chief said. "Greenpeace has very talented people that do what they do all over the world. We're just fortunate that it was Greenpeace, and they didn't have nefarious intentions that had any nexus to terrorism or any other harmful act for the citizens of Cincinnati."

Ohio judge calls Greenpeace protest at P&G headquarters 'reckless'; sets bond at $50,000 each

CINCINNATI - A judge set bond Wednesday at $50,000 each for nine Greenpeace activists he rebuked for their eye-catching protest at Procter The activists were arrested on burglary and vandalism charges after their Tuesday protest of the consumer products company's use of palm oil from a supplier Greenpeace says is tied to tropical forest destruction in Indonesia. Municipal Court Judge Brad Greenberg said the protest, in which the activists used a zip line to unfurl giant banners from P

Greenpeace hangs protest banners at P&G headquarters in US; 9 people arrested

CINCINNATI - Greenpeace activists have used a zip line to unfurl huge banners at Procter The environmental organization says the banners on P A company spokesman says P Police said protesters initially were being held on charges including vandalism and burglary and were still being questioned Tuesday.
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