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Rwanda parades gang accused of plotting attacks on leaders

Rwandan police on Tuesday paraded four people accused of planning grenade attacks on the country's leaders in revenge for the assassination of a former spy chief and fierce critic of President Paul Kagame. Kigali's former intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya, who lived in exile in South Africa, was found strangled to death in a Johannesburg luxury hotel on New Year's Day.

Rwanda arrests three for 'offences against state security'

Police in Rwanda announced Monday they have arrested three people on charges of threatening state security, among them a radio journalist previously reported missing and a peace activist musician. Rwandan police said in a statement that the three were accused of connections with the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), an opposition party in exile linked to Patrick Karegeya, a former spy chief who was murdered in South Africa at the beginning of the year.

France charges Rwanda genocide suspect after diplomatic row

France has charged a Rwandan genocide suspect and is holding him without bail after a diplomatic row with Kigali during ceremonies to mark the 20th anniversary of the massacres. A judicial source and his lawyer told AFP that Claude Muhayimana, accused of taking part in the genocide, had been charged in the northwestern French city of Rouen overnight Wednesday to Thursday. Muhayimana was detained after a French court in February refused to extradite him to Rwanda to face genocide charges -- a move condemned by Kigali which has accused Paris of sheltering genocide suspects.

France calls claims it was complicit in Rwanda genocide 'disgraceful'

PARIS (Reuters) - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Tuesday accusations by Rwandan officials that France was complicit in the genocide that killed 800,000 people were "disgraceful", the firmest rebuttal since a row broke out between the countries. France - an ally of the Rwandan government that ruled before the genocide - did not take part in Monday's 20-year commemoration after rebel-turned-president, Paul Kagame, renewed charges of Paris' "direct role" in the killings at the weekend.

French PM says Paris had no role in Rwandan genocide

France's new Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday said his country could in no way be held responsible for the Rwandan genocide 20 years ago. His comments came amid a bitter spat over allegations by Kigali of Paris's complicity in the bloodshed. "I do not accept the unjust accusations suggesting that France was an accomplice in the Rwandan genocide," Valls told parliament in his first policy speech since being named prime minister. He said France's aim "had always been to separate the warring sides".

Candle flames in Rwanda mark mourning of genocide

Flames from flickering candles passed from person to person, as Rwandans mourned the massacre of nearly a million people 20 years ago in the country's genocide. With soft music and in light rain, thousands crowded the national stadium late on Monday, as President Paul Kagame lit the first candle, before the flame passed around the crowded terraces. In the stands, many sat hunched staring deep at the flame, amid the official commemorations remembering the atrocities in their own deeply personal, quiet and reflective way.

Grief-stricken Rwandans told 'never again' after 1994 genocide

UN chief Ban Ki-moon told Rwandans marking the 20th anniversary of the genocide it should "never again" happen anywhere as many survivors broke down over the loss of nearly a million lives. The commemoration also exposed festering anger as Rwanda renewed allegations of French complicity in the genocide that led to France's official absence from the international ceremony at the national stadium.

Outrage in France over Rwanda genocide accusations

Top-ranking former French officials on Monday angrily rejected claims of complicity in Rwanda's genocide, as ceremonies were held in Kigali to mark the 20th anniversary of the massacres. France had no presence at the commemorations after it cancelled a ministerial visit in response to the latest accusations by Rwandan President Paul Kagame and the French ambassador was barred from attending.

Emotional scenes as Rwanda marks 20th anniversary of genocide

Rwanda on Monday held solemn commemorations marking the 20th anniversary of the genocide, with many survivors overcome with grief as they relived the trauma of the massacres that left nearly a million dead. The events also bore reminders of festering anger, as a major diplomatic row broke out over renewed allegations of French complicity in the genocide.

Rwanda president hits out at France during genocide commemorations

Rwandan President Paul Kagame took a thinly-veiled swipe at France on Monday, saying it was impossible to "change the facts" about the genocide 20 years ago. "The passage of time should not obscure the facts, lessen the responsibility, or turn victims into villains," he said in a speech during commemorations marking the 20th anniversary of the genocide.
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